Pregnancy and Radiation Exposure—An Important Warning

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26 juni 2014

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Pregnancy and Radiation Exposure—An Important Warning
As many of you know, I’m very concerned about the risks of radiation exposure, especially for children. Now, an important new initiative is warning expectant mothers about the dangers of radiation exposure during pregnancy— something that concerns me greatly.

This public health action is a joint effort between the Grassroots and Environment Education group and the Environmental Health Trust, as well as other groups across the world. Together, they drafted a Joint Statement on Pregnancy and Wireless Radiation, to which I added my name as a healthcare professional. In this advisory, they’ve outlined the many dangers of radiation exposure during pregnancy.

The Science Around Radiation Exposure Risks During Pregnancy Is Mounting Quickly

As Grassroots Environmental Education reported, a recent animal lab study conducted at Yale University has found that “…cell phone radiation during pregnancy can result in increased behavioral problems in offspring. (Aldad, et al, 2012)” Plus, UCLA researchers studying 13,000 mothers and their children found that exposure to cell phones during pregnancy resulted in an increased risk for hyperactivity and behavioral issues in children.

Dr. Kerry Crofton, Canadian author of Wireless Radiation Rescue: Safeguard Your Family from Electropollution, also states on her website that there is “evidence of harm from pre-natal and early childhood exposure to

electromagnetic radiation (EMR)”.

Most conscientious moms-to-be are careful to avoid exposure to alcohol, smoking, fresh water fish, chemicals and other environmental toxins. But, expectant parents may be totally unaware that wireless radiation can cause damage to cells and DNA, even at low levels. And a mother’s body may not offer enough of a shield.

Even fertility itself can be affected by radiation exposure. But, unfortunately many of the expectant mothers and fathers I’ve spoken to are completely unaware of the radiation exposure dangers before conception and during pregnancy.

Thankfully, the BabySafe Project has developed a free10-page downloadable booklet to address our lack of public awareness. I recommend it as a must read for anyone expecting a baby, or even planning a pregnancy. There, you can read more details about the science, as well read the helpful tips for safer cell phone use we have been developing. Below are some I’ve been offering as scientific research evolves to guide us.

How Can You Protect Your Unborn Child?

Avoid, or greatly limit, your use of cellular phones. If you must use a cell phone, use it on the speaker setting and place it as far away from your body as possible during use.

Don’t store cell phones anywhere on your body—such as in a pocket or your bra. Instead, stow your cell phone in a purse, briefcase, or backpack— preferably in “airplane mode” or off when not in use.
Charge the phone away from your body and sleep area (again, in “airplane mode” or off). If you rely on your cell phone at night for important calls, leave the ringer on high and place it as far from your sleep area as possible. Use Wi-Fi and automobile Bluetooth features only when needed. Disconnect Wi-Fi after downloading games for the kids, or data for work.
Detach from the power source before you use your cell phone.
Get cordless phones out of your house, and instead replace them with corded landlines. The DECT cordless base is like having a cell tower in your home that’s always transmitting and seeking a signal.
Shield your body when possible. Belly Armor is one product you can place over the abdomen when you need to work on a computer or speak on a cell phone.
Avoid using computers, tablets, and gaming devices that emit Wi-Fi. Instead, use a computer with a hard-wired Ethernet (DSL) connection.
Don't use your cell phone in enclosed spaces, such as during car travel. Proximity to exposure is key, so leave it off as much as possible. Plus, remember that older siblings are being exposed as well.
Avoid direct or prolonged exposure to Wi-Fi routers and other devices, such as wireless printers. If there are routers at work position yourself away from them and use Belly Armor. If your neighbor has a Wi-Fi router, sleep as far away from the source as possible. Plus, unplug any Wi-Fi routers when not in use and especially at bedtime.

I hope all of this effort will make all parents aware of the importance of protecting their babies before birth, and after they’re born, so all of children can live healthy, happy lives and reach their fullest potential.

Now it’s your turn? Were you aware of the risk of wireless radiation exposure during pregnancy?

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