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Bron: www.electrosense.com .
maart 2014

Uit een overzichtsartikel van Lloyd Burrell, de volgende observaties en aanbevelingen.

Hij stelt, niet verrassend dat:
''There is no magic pill, no chip, diode, sticker, harmonizer or neutralizer you can buy which will suddenly make EMFs safe. ....... I haven't tested them all but all the ones I have tested have not worked. Not only are these devices a waste of money they are also dangerous. .....''

In dit artikel is er een referentie naar:

www.electricsense.com/1138/my-9-tips-to-cut-down-on-exposure-to-computer-radiation/ .

met daarin 9 aanbevelingen om de straling en het effect daarvan te reduceren.
Die reproduceer ik hieronder. Enkele van de aanbevelingen waren nieuw voor me. Een paar van de belangrijke aanbevelingen zijn hier vetgedrukt aangegeven.

1. Magnetic Radiation. More and more people are turning towards using laptops and tablets, so laptop radiation is increasingly becoming a problem. There are several issues here, the first one is magnetic radiation:
As my tests show (see video) the best way to cut down on your exposure to magnetic radiation from your laptop is to use it on the battery instead of the mains power supply.

2. Radio frequency radiation. The second issue is RF radiation since most computers now have WiFi functionality. This means you’re being exposed to another layer of electrosmog from two sources. Firstly from the laptop itself; most laptops are configured by default to be in WiFi mode, so even if you are on a hard wired Internet connection your laptop is still emitting and receiving RF radiation. Secondly there is the RF radiation from the modem/router as shown in this video: zie bovenstaande link
The best solution is to replace your WiFi installation with a hard-wired connection and make sure the WiFi function is disabled. My personal preference is the Netgear N150 modem router because you can easily switch the WiFi function off and it stays off, I’ve tested this. Be careful because many modem/routers are now factory configured to automatically re-enable WiFi when they receive an update – this can be several times a day. So even if you disable the WiFi in the settings menu it may be subsequently re-activated without you knowing.

3. Laptops are not for laps. The best way to minimize laptop radiation is not to use your laptop computer on your lap. Studies show that over time using your laptop on your lap can significantly decrease your sperm count. Use your laptop on a surface away from your body. There are some good laptop shields on the market but some laptop shields only shield RF radiation (which is not a problem anyway if you disable the WiFi) and some offer no protection from magnetic fields. The laptop shield I recommend is the Elite Harapad. According to the manufacturer it gives over 100% protection from magnetic fields.

4. Computer monitor radiation. On a desktop computer the biggest problem is often the monitor, not the CPU. Reduce your exposure by sitting a bit further from the computer screen. This will mean that you are exposed to less radiation, especially if you sit at least three feet from the screen – EMF exposures decrease significantly with distance. If you’re using a desktop you can use a radiation filter over the screen or better still purchase a degaussed screen.

5. Introduce houseplants. Those of you who enjoy houseplants will be happy to learn that some cactus plants have the ability to absorb the electromagnetic radiation coming from the computer. It was actually NASA who discovered this and ever since Cactii have become my best friend; I have lots of cacti in my office. Put some cacti around your computer, I use Cereus cacti.
cactiguide.com/cactus/?genus=Cereus .

6. Use a natural crystal salt lamp. I’ve had one in my office for several years.
Salt crystal lamps supposedly help cancel out the electromagnetic radiation being emitted by your computer by helping to maintain a normal ionic balance in the air. What the exact effect is regarding EMFs is difficult to know, but what is sure is that they bring your office environment closer to nature.
www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001892AX2?ie=UTF8&tag=electricsense-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B001892AX2 .

7. Take regular breaks. Almost everyone who uses a computer for several hours a day is all too familiar with eye irritation. Computer screens not only cause eye strain, but the electromagnetic radiation also causes dryness and irritation. Take regular breaks, get out of your chair away from your computer every 20 minutes or so. You can also help to counter damage and irritation to your eyes by adding bananas to your diet. Bananas contain significant amounts of potassium, which will benefit the health of the eyes.

8. Antioxidant food. Much has been said about the value of antioxidant food in keeping us healthy generally, but these foods can also help to deal with free radicals caused by computer radiation. Tomatoes, cherries, apples, broccoli, and carrots all contain significant amounts of vitamins A and C. These foods supply your body with the raw materials it needs to create its own natural form of EMF protection.

9. Wash your face. It might come as a surprise to you to learn that simply washing your face after using the computer can remove the radiation that has settled there. Our faces are usually the closest part of our bodies to the screen, and the particles of radiation can attach themselves there.

10. Go fully wired; wired mouse, wired keyboard and wired peripherals. Even if you are using a laptop, using a wired external keyboard and wired mouse will significantly reduce your exposure to the EMFs emitted by the electrical components situated under the keyboard of the laptop.

If you work in an office where there are several computers, make sure you are not in close proximity (6 feet), to the back of someone else’s PC screen. It’s not just your computer its other people’s aswell that you need to be wary of.

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