Interview Dr. Andrew A Marino

zondag, 16 maart 2014 - Categorie: Artikelen

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febr. 2014

In het interview (zie de link) wordt ingegaan op een groot aantal vragen:

Question (answer duration)

1. What is an electromagnetic field? (19 sec)

2. What kinds of naturally occurring electromagnetic fields exist? (14 sec)

3. What kinds of technologies and devices create these electromagnetic fields? (19 sec)

4. How long have we had devices that create electromagnetic fields? (14 sec)

5. How much has our electromagnetic field exposure increased over the last 50 years? (15 sec)

6. Why is the growth of electromagnetic fields expanding? (12 sec)

7. Would you say the proliferation of technology and the societal demand for it has fed into this as well? (32 sec)

8. What are some of the most powerful sources of electromagnetic fields that people might encounter? (40 sec)

9. What is the function of electricity within the human body? (11 sec)

10. Can the human body detect electromagnetic frequencies, and if so, how? (21 sec)

11. Exactly how am I detecting electromagnetic fields? (24 sec)

12. What are the range of reactions the human body displays to different electromagnetic frequencies? (32 sec)

13. What kinds of electromagnetic frequencies are potentially more dangerous? (18 sec)

14. Can you consciously detect fields, for example those from powerlines? (6 sec)

15. Are there any laws to reduce the impact of electromagnetic fields on the human body? (20 sec)

16. Why is it difficult to prove the impacts of electromagnetic frequencies on the human body? (17 sec)

17. Why then do you feel there is a resistance to data that shows an impact? (35 sec)

18. How does the human body react to electromagnetic fields of various frequencies over long periods of time? (47 sec)

19. Can you describe what electromagnetic hypersensitivity is? (17 sec)

20. Why is the subject of electromagnetic hypersensitivity taboo in scientific circles? (22 sec)

21. Do you think the lack of funding relates to the fact that the findings wouldn’t result in making money for someone, as a new drug would, for example? (73 sec)

22. Doesn’t common sense say there is an effect from electromagnetic fields? (41 sec)

23. There have been some animal studies on electromagnetic hypersensitivity; what have the results of those studies been? (25 sec)

24. Do you feel there’s accurate information about EHS freely available? (21 sec)

25. What is your judgment regarding the impact of electromagnetic fields on human health? (29 sec)

26. Is there any way to lessen exposure to EMFs? (20 sec)

27. Isn’t it getting harder to get away from EMFs? (25 sec)

28. What other factors may make people more or less sensitive to electromagnetic fields? (55 sec)

29. When people hear stories about EMF sensitivity they often react negatively. Do you find that people with this problem are often met with skepticism? (71 sec)

30. Has the World Health Organization been helpful in identifying risks from electromagnetic fields? (31 sec)

31. Could further research prove a correlation between EMFs and negative health impacts? (49 sec)

32. What do you expect will happen regarding health risks of electromagnetic fields? Will the present situation improve? (53 sec)

33. What do you see as the solution? (32 sec)

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