“New” MTHR report claims no health effects from cell phones, etc.

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Bron: www.emfacts.com/2014/02/here-we-go-again-new-mthr-report-claims-no-health-effects-from-cell-phones-etc/ .
12 febr. 2014

Here we go again: “New” MTHR report claims no health effects from cell phones, etc.

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Het begin van het artikel:

Whenever I occasionally see a newspaper headline proclaiming new research has found that mobile phones are perfectly safe for everybody my first thought is: is it industry funded and secondly, who is evaluating the research.

Well, its just happened again. On February 11, 2014 the New Zealand Herald published an article titled Cellphone cancer fear quashed, announcing the release of a ‘new’ report titled Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme, Report 2012 released by the British Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) group. This report gives the findings of 31 individual research projects, funded by the telecommunications industry and UK government over 11 years.

voor het vervolg zie bovenstaande link. De conclusie:


Considering the MTHR report’s limited reference base; its reliance on government and industry funding, both who are promoters of RF technology; its avoidance of mentioning contrary findings such as from Hardell’s group; an inevitable scientific bias by inclusion of ICNIRP / IEMFP and like minded members; and its use of questionable provocation studies, this report is more spin that science. Rather than being a new “state of the art” scientific review the 2012 MTHR report is but just another industry-influenced spin designed by its limitations to give a false sense of public health safety on behalf of the telco industry where none exists.

Tot slot een aardig commentaarl:

Q: How do you know when a newspaper is lying?
Answer: Theres ink on the page.

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