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11 dec. 2013

The documentary “Microwaves, Science and Lies”, shows how the mobile industry creates doubt about harmful radiofrequency waves through the manipulation of science. Through interviews with several whistleblowers, including citizens, journalists, and scientists, this film reveals how, like the tobacco industry, the lobby of the mobile phone industry has built a strategy of “product defense” by artificially creating a scientific doubt about the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.

This documentary as been produced with personnal financing and took more than two years to be completed. Now we are launching a fundraising campaign to finance an English version (with voice over, and English commentary) to distribute the movie worldwide. it will be access through Internet, and in DVD version. We have started on a French crowdfunding website. The crowdfunding campaign has reach 3000 € as first aim , but our total need is 10,000 €.

You can help us by spreading the information in your network. We also need partners to relay the distribution of the DVDs in foreign countries, as it will be more convenient and less expensive to have local associations that will distribute the DVDs…

So any form of partnership and help are welcome.

We are planning to have the English version ready by the end of January.

You will find all informations, and an English trailer of the documentary following this link.


If you need any additional information, we will be happy to answer.

Thank you in advance
Nancy de Méritens
email… Nancy de Meritens at factory7 @wanadoo.fr

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