Electrical beds ''irradiate and carcinogenic''

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30 nov. 2013

Israeli TV investigation: electrical beds ''irradiate and carcinogenic''

Host: Rafi Ginat.

The electric beds are a hit. During the last decade, of all beds sold in Israel, 40% are electricbeds. There are beds that emit alarming levels of dangerous and carcinogenic radiation. The program team examined for several weeks beds from several brands. Checking 1st bed in a house, putting the meter near the area of the head - 24.9 mG,
6 fold higher than the recommended maximum, the children are exposed all night, every day. Stelian Galberg, head of radiation branch in the Ministry of Environment: a child who is at distance zero from the electric engine connected all the time and exposed to many dozens of mG, is at a very high risk.

Rafi Ginat: Who is ready to sleep inside a transformers room that provides electricity to a whole neighbourhood- get up. No one gets up, and no one will sleep there. Because these transformers emit dangerous electromagnetic radiation that is a suspected carcinogen. How would you respond if I told you now, that the electricbed of your son or daughter emits radiation like in a transformers room also when it is not connected to electricity, and you and your children are sleeing well at night while the radiation is frying you.

Why is this happening? Because in Israel the subject is broken open, a state of an anarchy (lit. no law and no judge) there is no law and no standard. So already now run and disconnect electricity from the bed and come to see the proofs and recommendations. An investigation by Sarit Levi, Michal Hochberg and Nir Sigman.

According to the manufacturers reports, the electric beds take more than 40% of the beds market (trend from the last decade). One of the manufacturers tells how this is a result of consumers education about the benefits of the beds. Once they were status symbol and today everybody uses them, since the prices reduced. And many put the moving bed by a remote control, and children and youth love alot the new toy.

1st bed when it is not operating, the father says nobody says anything about it, none explains about it, when you go to buy something you don't enter into the question of whether it's OK or not OK, you go to a place that is trusted. The bed where the children sleep, 26 mG, not operating, but connected to electricity. The recommended maximum- 4 mG on average per day. The bed emits 6.5 fold above the recommendation, this is a real danger.

Father: the children slept above 10 hours per night for 8 months with the engnie under their head, and you cooked your children by yourself.

Second bed of children- 26 mG.

Rafi Ginat: It is important to stress the radiation is non ionizing and it is dangerous to health. Overdose of this radiation can cause severe damage to the DNA of cells in our bodies and to the development of cancer tumors. The WHO declared the electromagnetic radiation as possibly carcinogenic.

Prof' Sadezky: when the WHO declared the radiation as possibly carcinogenic, they did it on the basis of studies that showed excess of leukemia in children who live around high tension lines.

The manufacturer says one can sleep calm, but the father is not sleeping quietly. He diconnected the beds from electricity and made them into regular beds.

Ginat: In Israel there is no commiting standard and there is no regulation. The agreement of the Energy & Water and Economics Ministries is needed and we have not yet succeeded in reaching to agreement with them, says Stelian Galberg from the Ministry of Environment, responsible for radiation issue.

A bed of the company American System. On their website they claim that the bed includes radiation filters. In the center of the bed- 10.4 mg, 2.5 fold higher than the Ministry recommendation. In the head area – 21.7 mG, 5.5 fold above the recommendation of the Ministry of Environment.

American System another bed- 22.8 mG, 5.5 fold above the recommended level.

M.D Mendelboim, made in Germany, frontal area- 24.6 mG, 6 fold above the recommended value. In the place of the engine- 25.8 mG, 6.5 fold above the recommended level.

Dr. Stelian Galberg: If you are sleeping in a transformers room that provides electricity to a whole neighbourhood, the exposure does not reach to what it reaches if you are sitting in an electric bed that is connected to electricity all the time.

Asking Mendelboim company salesperson, is there radiation from the bed?
Salesperson: Bullshit. It's Bullshit. Bullshit. Of course one cannot import to Israel any electricmechanism, and it won't stand in standard.

Question of the program: Standard of what?

Answer: of the Standard Institute, from the aspect of safety, from the aspect of sea of things. But they NEVER talked about the subject of radiation.

-So it's nonsense.

Salesperson: Yes. Really, really, really, it's real.

The sales person has no idea what he is talking about, and he did not allow us to make tests. Michal hid the meter in her bag and she put it on a bed, price 10,000 shekels.
Result 22.3 mG, 5.5 fold above the recommendation.

Prof' Sadezky: if you are talking about continuous radiation all night, I would not be happy that my child sleep in such a bed.

''OR'' furniture company, asking the salesperson on the radiation.
Answer: It's nonesense. If this is the case then in your house everything is radiation, so we would have been dead long time ago. Checking their beds: one bed 16.3 mG, 4 fold above the recommended maximum.
Children and youth bed – 24.9 mG, 6 fold above the recommended maximum. The children are exposed to this all night.

Polyron company has European standard label of the Quality of Environment. There is no word on their website about the emitted radiation.

The purchase manager says there is barrier for the radiation. There is a method of cut off, that when the mechanism is not operating, there is no electric current and there is no radiation. We are suspicious, and decide to check the cut off. Saying to the salesperson: I was told there is radiation in part of the electric beds.
Salesperson: No. There is standard label of the company itself, it is German. Would we cause you harm? She calls to the store manager. Store manager: the Standard Institute entered into this a year ago. As long as the engine is not pressed into electricity, it does not irradiate, it's not in electricity. All manufacturers and companies comply to it.

Polyron bed: 7.3 mG, moving the meter a little bit- 10.6 mG, in the center- 14.3 mG.
The store manager is amazed, but then he quickly caught himself: even if you checked the engine here, it is an old engine. Only a year ago the Standard Institute got into it, the mechanism is here for 3,4 years. A year ago it all changed.

Another Polyron bed. Telling to the salesperson: I am afraid of the radiation.

Salesperson: if I tell you there is no radiation, then there is no radiation. And if there is, it's minimalistic and does not harm health, I will not tell without reason. Other companies, yes. Polyron - no. There is no radiation here that will endanger you, be calm, I will not tell you just like that (without reason).

Result: 10 mG, 2.5 fold above the recommended maximum. Another Polyron bed, 11,000 shekels cost, in another store- 12 mG, 3 fold above the recommended maximum. We decide to give Polyron a third chance, youth bed 32,00 shekels, 21.9 mG, 5.5 fold above the recommended threshold.

Prof' Sadezky: because our working assumption is that the radiation is possibly carcinogenic *there is nothing behind this statement of working assumption, no action was taken in practice to protect the public, only words words words I do not see a reason why expose my child to 20 mG on a regular basis.

Rafi Ginat: prof' Sadezky, expert of radiation is right, you would also not expose your child to high levels of radiation while they are sleeping, but you did not know. You did not know, that if the radiation emitted from the bed had been emitted from a transformer on the street, it would have been removed.

Stelian Galberg: If I had discovered from a transformer radiation level like the emitted from the bed, I have the full authority to stop the operation of the transformer. But about beds I have no authority.

Ginat: The absurd is yelling to the sky. When the same radiation is emitted from the bed of our children, no one opens the mouth and whistles. There is no standard and no regulation, there is no authority. We went to the responsible for standards in the Economics Ministry. Why is there no standard in Israel, for radaition emitted from electric appliances?
Answer: The Ministries of Environment and Health will come to us, and say that it is forbidden that radaition levels will be above a certain level - there will be made a change in the standard. This is the simpler part. *But this is exactly what they don't want to do.

Would you sleep on such a bed?
I cannot answer on this because I don't sleep on such a bed.

Stelian Galberg: What is needed is like in other countries, when a product arrives to Israel, it will be written on it how much radiation is emitted from it.

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