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31 aug. 2013

Have Cell-Phone Companies Become the Tobacco Industry of the Twenty-First Century?

By Susan Lippman

I accuse the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the telecommunications industry, and some apartment and office-building owners of crimes against humanity.

When I saw the crane go up on my building about two and a half years ago, I knew that the landlord was having cell-phone antennas installed on the sides and roof of the building. I also knew that he was being paid monthly rent by a wireless company to do so. I did not know the amount he would be paid, as, to this day, the public is not privy to that information. Nevertheless, it is estimated that building owners receive between one and two thousand dollars per month for each three antennas (they work in groups of three to receive and transmit cell-phone signals) and most owners have at least six, three on each side of the building. What I didn't know was that the antennas could cause serious health, and even life-threatening, problems. The industry has done a fantastic job of suppressing all the evidence that is emerging about the dangers of their products. I spoke about this issue to lots of very bright and well-informed people, most of whom responded, ''I had no idea.''

Recently, a few of my fellow tenants who reside on the top floor began experiencing the following chronic and unrelenting symptoms: uninterrupted and severe headaches, hair loss, some thyroid dysfunction, as well as some cognitive decline and fatigue. No one ever complained about anything like that prior to the placement of those aesthetic monstrosities. Indeed, if the folks in closest proximity to the antennas were experiencing symptoms, couldn't those of us who were still symptom-free be affected as well.? After all, we are all being exposed to whatever radiation is being emitted 24/7, and often disease manifests itself many years after initial exposures.

Not only that, but a lovely 11-year- old dog developed cancer and had to be put to sleep. She, too, resided on the top floor. Could the cell-phone antennas have caused or exacerbated her cancer? It's hard to know for sure, but the evidence indicates that humans and animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and sheep, are also harmed by the electromagnetic radiation not only from cell-phone antennas and towers, but also from other wireless technology, including wi-fi, cell phones, laptops, cordless phones, routers, and baby monitors.

There are far too many cell-phone antennas on rooftops in New York City. I discovered that within a three-mile radius of my apartment building there are 745 antennas. No, that's not a typo.

Alarmed, I decided to investigate the research regarding effec ts of cell-phone antennas on human health. Of course the cell-phone companies deny any adverse health effects, as does the American Cancer Society, which I consider to be a cancer-causing agency.*

All other independent scientists and epidemiological throughout the world, whose research has not been funded and therefore corrupted by the telecommunications industry or the military, have found the opposite to be true.


Indeed, the ill effects people who are exposed to the electromagnetic-radiation emanation from antennas and other wireless devices are quite consistent with those experienced by my neighbors.

Here are some findings of epidemiological studies from various countries throughout the world, including Israel, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The most common complaints are difficulty concentrating, fatigue, sleep disruption, headache, depression, irritability, nausea, dizziness, appetite loss, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling, tinnitus, and light-headedness.

Other more serious effects include reduction in melatonin production, which not only interferes with sound sleep, but makes people more susceptible to cancer and to Alzheimer's disease. Studies have also shown an increase in ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and Parkinson's.

Electromagnetic radiation has also been shown to increase infertility and strongly reduce sperm production and to reduce the health of the sperm.

This type of radiation, even at low levels, has been demonstrated to cause damage to cell tissues and to DNA, which has been linked not only to brain tumors, but to other cancers as well, including leukemia, and breast cancer in women and men, as well as a suppressed immune system. Wireless technology is thought to be a major contributor to lung cancer, as well, even among non-smokers.

Furthermore, every truly independent study has emphasized that children are even more vulnerable to the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation than adults. Here's why. Their skulls are a lot thinner than those of adults, so they absorb twice as much radiation.

Additionally, there is grave concern that electromagnetic radiation may be at least partially responsible for the increase in autism among very young children.

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