USA: Microwaves Cause Autism, Downs Syndrome and Much Worse

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21 aug. 2013

They Knew: Microwaves Cause Autism, Downs Syndrome and Much Worse

“A Radio frequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners.” released March 7, 2013, the BC CDC states that “the epidemiological studies of men assessed for infertility were consistent in demonstrating decreased sperm motility associated with increased use of mobile phones” and “biological effects on sperm motility related to RF exposure.”
In the need to understand how harm is caused by exposure to microwave radiofrequency radiation, the review panel noted that “oxidative stress seems one of the more plausible mechanisms of RF-induced sperm damage. Mechanisms by which oxidative stress is caused by increased ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and decreased antioxidant have been shown to exist in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.”

In my time speaking and writing about this topic, often the word that comes up is controversy. Mostly it is used in a manner that leads up to the person alluding to the fact that there are ‘two sides’ to the argument on safety of cell phones and associated devices. Immediately I know what Big Telecom has been trying to do has worked, making the issue muddied and unclear. This allows them to get people to think there is ‘no evidence’ or the classic ‘more long term study is needed’ or even more classic that any studies that found harm were ‘flawed.’ Usually after some time of being told the facts and truth in an easy to understand way, the confusion clears for that person. Slowly as we progress with informing these people, it becomes one or one hundred or one thousand fewer people using these devices. I am personally happy to allow people to come to the understandings of how dangerous they are. I also know that thousands of others across the globe are teaching this to people, which is allowing us to reverse course on this dilemma. Health agencies and those the profit from this will not do it for us, only we can and we must.

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