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1. Expert explains how Bush pressured Blair to use Tetra with U.S. holding the cypher key
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3. Een pdf file met een zeer de moeite waard zijnde overzichtsverhaal van Barry Trower

1. Barrie Trower Q & A

Before microwave expert Barry Trower delivered his address before the annual
general meeting of the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA) in Dublin
writer John Weigel had the opportunity to interview him. During their talk, Trower
revealed how microwaves cause damage to all living things, how the pulsed
microwave system called Tetra being used by the Irish police and emergency
services is particularly dangerous, and how U.S. President George Bush
pressured British Prime Minister Tony Blair to adopt the Tetra system (Airwaves
in the U.K.) for its police force with America keeping the key code for access to
what is happening in Britain.

John Weigel: From a gentleman who has an American accent, I’ve been here
thirty-plus years and I know you have been here before as well, so on behalf of
all of us who are concerned about microwaves and the Tetra signal I want to
welcome you and thank you for the tremendous amount of work that you’ve
done over the years in this.
BarrieTrower: My pleasure, sir.

John: So my first question with this is ...what is the Tetra signal? Can you
explain what it is?
Barrie: Well, it’s a microwave, it’s a pulsed microwave, the same microwaves
that you would have in a microwave oven only weaker and it is pulsed and the
dangerous part of Tetra is the pulse because it can entrain with the natural, one
of the natural pulse frequencies of the brain. Which is one problem with it. If you
entrain or interfere with one of the brain’s natural waves the brain will not operate
properly and even when you switch your Tetra off, it is called long-term
potentiation that can last up to six weeks, so your brain may not work properly for
weeks and weeks and weeks if you’ve had a heavy dose of Tetra.
The other thing this particular pulse frequency can do, it can cause calcium
efflux, in other words calcium which… lines the cells of the body including the
brain. Calcium has a double bond it holds the cell walls together with a strong
bond. The particular pulse frequency of Tetra can release the calcium from the
cell, that is replaced by Potassium which only has a single bond and what that
means is you have cell leakage. Now cell leakage is particularly dangerous in
the body as is excess calcium flying around the body. For instance if you have
excess calcium in the brain it will react with cytosol in the brain and it will cause
spurious or very unusual symptoms from your sense organs. So lots of things
can go wrong, in fact, putting it in terms of an adult there are around 4,500 things
which can go wrong.
Concerning Tetra, I have made a statement in almost every country when I visit
a country no matter what I’m talking about there are always people who start
asking me about Tetra and I say I will make you four things you can check and I
will guarantee these are true
First is the officers’ personalities will change, not all of them but enough to make
it significant. The officers’ personalities will change. They will become more
aggressive. You will have more driving accidents. You will have more officer
sickness and you will have more officer cancers. And I have challenged any
country system to name me a police station where that has not occurred and at
the moment nobody has.

John: Well, we have one here in an area called Clondalkin - Ronanstown -
where there are at least 36 cancers...
Barrie: Yep.

John: and …. deaths
Barrie: Yep, absolutely.

John: and …. When a policeman complains he is just transferred...
Barry: Yep! They are bullied, threatened, transferred and I get it in every country,
if you complain it comes down on you, they come down on you like a ton of

John: Right, okay, well to back the subject just a bit, how did you come to focus
on Tetra?
Barrie: Funny enough, it’s the same with all of this research. I have never asked
to do this and I never asked to go anywhere or speak anywhere. It’s my
background and from 19 I started studying in fact, in 1959, for my first
examination in microwave technology and I studied all aspects of microwave
technology with the military. The dangers. Radar. Microwave warfare. I studied
the lot. But this was the time of the cold war and during the cold war low level
microwaves were used as they are today as stealth weapons, specifically to
cause cancer

John: Back as early as the 1960s?
Barrie: Oh, 50s! 50s the 60s they were well established. They were used to
change personalities, cause cancer, make people sick cause deaths as long ago
as the 50s.

John: ''Whats the first one you know of? Can you recall, off the top of your
Barrie: The first incidents?

John: Yeah...
Barrie: Well, it was the first one, eh well it came in in dribs and drabs. I mean I
knew they were dangerous and I knew they could be used because when I was
in the military I was a Royal Navy diver, which is a part of my work. You always
have two jobs or even three jobs in the military and I was defusing a bomb under
a jetty in one of the little war zones we have around the world and I asked - it was
very complicated - and I asked if I could bring the bomb out because I couldn’t
see properly and it looked complicated and the officer in charge said, in words
where I am going to be very polite, he said, ‘Don’t be stupid, Trower,’ - only his
words were a little more flowery. He said ''They’ll use micro waves to trigger the
photo-electric cell in the bomb and if they can’t get the bomb they’ll aim them at
your head to make you make a mistake.

John: ...and this was 1959?
Barrie: No This was.. what? ‘62. I mean they were used in the 50s by the…I
mean there is a famous documented case now of the Soviet Embassy in
Moscow… that went right through the ‘50s .

John: Okay...
Barrie: So I mean I knew then they could be used. During we are coming back
now to the cold war when I left the military, eh sir William (Im going to use my
words carefully here cause I don’t know who’ll be watching this) Sir William
Melvin had a scheme whereby (and I will be mentioning this this afternoon)
whereby captured spies and agents during the cold war, and it was very tense
time. we were within to my knowledge on two occasions we were in less than
one second of total global nuclear war. Less than one second. That’s how tight it
was. Microwaves were used as weapons then and They were studying in the
cold war they were studying all of the different pulse frequencies that could be
used to... if you captured somebody, to make them … you could make somebody
hopeless, you could make them full of anger, you could induce the morphines in
the brain opiates. You could actually induce addictions and all sorts of moods
and they were studying the pulse frequencies which would cause these to treat
or to use as mmm... when questioning spies. So I studied all of this and part of
my brief was to obtain from the captured spies (because I had microwave
knowledge) and I did this for eleven years, mmm the particular frequencies which
could be used….so

John: Were you part of the verification process?
Barrie: Yes, but in my defense I will say Sir William Melvin , we, never used
torture, embarrassment. humiliation, pain. It was, over coffee, I gave them all of
the courtesies I would give any lady and gentleman over coffee,
and if they didn’t want to talk, they didn’t. There was no…...

John: But were they being irradiated while you were talking
Barry: No, no, no, no, no, no, I wouldn’t have that! I respect everyone as a
Person of God, I never, never do anything like that. Because of this background
answering your question I’ve come a very long way round. I had a phone call
from the chief of the police and he said there getting this new Tetra system. ‘Do
you understand microwaves? and I said, ‘Well yes’, and he said, ‘Would you look
into all gumpf you get the circuit system because we can’t understand it.’

John: This was what ?
Barrie: Eh probably just before 2000, when it was coming into England, and he
said would you explain it to us? And I said yes, and he said I’ll get back to you,
and in this time the chief of the police, he studied me, he went through the legal
access, he went through my whole CV and he wrote it , eh eh and then they were
unaware, I was unaware of this, and they produced a copy of all of my spy
backgrounds my complications my everything, and he, and they produced them.
So my CV... I’d never written my CV, Its only ever been written by the police or
the educational board ! And then from there, so I wrote the report, and I said,
‘You cannot use this. It is too dangerous. They’re using known weapons
frequencies,’ I said, ‘you cannot use this.’

John: And so why are they using it then?
Barrie: Well it was published in the paper and I have referenced this, only one
paper has come out saying this and the paper which I have referenced in my, the
report I’m talking about here is called the Confidential Report which is on the
internet. The paper, I was subsequently asked to write eight years later, is the
Higher Confidential Report.
John and when did that come out ?
Barrie: 2008.That’s the Higher Confidential Report

John how long ago is that ?
Barrie: its only a few weeks, its found its way on Wikileaks. I do know that, but
eh mm this particular document and I have the date of publication and
everything. It said that the United States which who make the gubbins , Motorola,
that make the gubbins inside the Tetra system, it said that by American law the
United States government must be given all cypher keys, the secret code keys to
their systems.
John: so is that all…..for everybody, for E ?.
Barrie: so what that ….. everybody, so what that means that from this document,
that every country with Tetra, and each country, hasn’t got fifty three
organizations using it - namely the customs, MI 5 , MI 6, Spies

John Here it is the guards and the emergencies
Barrie Yep. Yep, everyone, now what that means, and whether they are or not, I
have no knowledge, but it means the Americans have the ability to listen in and
track everybody using this system, and I was also told, and I have read it, and I
have referenced it this document , that the Minister at the time which was Blair
was told, not asked, told by Bush, ‘Get Tetra out. It will not be stopped, and when
Tetra is out the British Police who are recognized and respected throughout the
world, they will be used as the advisement for the rest of the world.’ And this is
why when we have all the police officers with cancers and everything … they are
been threatened

John: Okay…’re saying that the police are in jeopardy in particular,
Barrie: Absolutely.

John: And what about people living in close proximity, can they…….
Barry Oh, no, they are in jeopardy, yeah they are in jeopardy. I think it was
brought up in Parliament, and its in my document, and I have it here, and it’s in
my document it was brought up in Parliament the amount of cancers and
illnesses, both with... the order is children, women, elderly sick, young men. And
it was brought up the number of illnesses, are people living in these houses
around the Tetra transmitters?

John: how does this effect animals then?
Barrie: m….It would be worse in some cases

John well I know in near the area where I live, a farmer and he had fourteen
horses in a field, and they were all, eh, the mares were all pregnant, fourteen
mares, he had verified by a vet, and as gestation progressed eh he gradually lost
not one not two but he lost every foal. One morning he went over to the field and
there were four dead fetuses there. Then would that be specifically from Tetra or
would it be from other microwave systems?
Barrie: Tetra and all microwave systems will cause this. Tetra will cause it more
because it is more aggressive in the body, but all microwave systems will cause
this. I’m going to explain and I’m going to explain it incredibly simple because it’s
difficult for me to explain and the only way I can get through this is to keep it easy
for me.

John: Okay.
Barrie: I want you to imagine, I’m going to use women, as my example girls and
women. But this applies to horses, in fact it applies to all mammalian species. So
what I say about girls and women you can apply exactly the same to horses.
Imagine you are a five year old girl and you are sitting in school now in front of
wi-fi , the wi-fi is transmitting through your ovaries. Your ovaries have around
400,000 little follicles which will develop over the years into eggs to become
babies. Now follicles, they, unbeknown to most scientists, they can absorb 10
times more microwave irradiation or they react 10 times more to microwave
radiation than other parts of the body. I won’t go into why. So, already if you’re a
little girl sitting in front of wi-fi you are irradiating your follicles that can lead to
stillbirth, genetic disorders and miscarriage. So you are growing up lets say from
five to 18 irradiating these eggs and you can multiply the radiation by ten for this.
Now let’s say you are 18 you are now the same girl, you are 18 and you are
pregnant and I have taught pregnant students. Let’s say your embryo in the first
one hundred days; your embryo is a little girl. In the first one hundred days the
little girl inside you is producing her 400,000 follicles that she will have as
children after she is born and when she has grown up. Is that ok? Now for the
first one hundred days these immature ovaries inside the embryo they are
forming the follicles and this is the dangerous part. Where you and I we have
defense systems against microwave irradiation. We have something called
protein 53 in the cells which fight radiation. We have something called a nuclear
core complex which fights radiation so we do have a defense system come
through evolution designed when we were in caves in thunderstorms. Now the
ovarian follicles of the embryo do not have these. There is no defense system in
the ovarian follicles of an embryo, horse, pig, dog anything!

John: What you saying supports what Professor Olle Johansson…….
Barrie: Wait while I’m on this train. Let me finish, if I’m not being rude, so now
we have this embryo, you’re 18 and you’re pregnant, an embryo a microwave will
go right through they do not discriminate now you have damaged embryo and we
know from the Cold War, that the deliberate microwaving of pregnant women,
that a percentage of 57.7 percent will have some form of birth defect. 57.7
percent. Now you grow up, you may or may not give a birth to a healthy child,
your girl, but when she grows up, she will probably not give birth to a healthy
child, with a minimum of 57.7 percent. And this is already showing in people, it is
certainly showing right across the animal kingdom in all mammalian species and
this is why.

John: Ok and …….
Barrie: I’d like to say… afterthought, that’s the good news. That’s the good

John: Okay...
Barrie: The bad news is that, the mitocondrial DNA inside the female species, if
that is damaged, it is irreparable which means that every child in that family line
hence forth, will have the same genetic disorder. So what we’re saying here is
that not just these horses or these children in Ireland, every generation of Irish
child in the female line will carry that genetic disorder and you are going to have
in the generation or two, an epidemic of genetically damaged children, that is
going to put Thalidomide into the shade.

John: Now, what your saying is the ……..
Barrie: What ………

John: Professor Olle Johansson told us here that after the fifth generation mice
were sterile.
Barrie: Oh, absolutely. You’re going to find, the population Eh…

John: he says……
Barrie: Oh absolutely, and I have the military documents that support this.

John: Gettinging back to the horses, and the issue we’re talking about Tetra
airborne, what about Tetra and the signal traveling on the surfaces…In particular
there’s a farmer in Roscommon where they put a mast a tetra mast about a
hundred yards from his house, and he cant move, he’s got three young children
and he’s trapped he went to court with it, and the judge said it wasn’t really in his
remit to rule on this one this one the particular zoning issue, and so this man
and there family are sitting there…a hundred metres from the Tetra mast, can
you comment?
Barrie: well we know that they have trouble right round the world in Australia
and back zig-zagging had the same story from farmers, eh….animals
spontaneously dropped dead, they had miscarriages they are always sick, and
there are quite a lot of causes for this em.. quite a lot. Eh..we…..we wouldn’t
have time to go into this during this short interview. But what I have found out, is
that before the countries put these systems up...and I know this to be for the
United States and the U. K., they take microwaves out of the law, and they have
a few people no more than three or four, now if you have a microwave issue it
always goes to them, and they are above and outside the law and with the United
States the post I’m involved in now, it involved a little girl but when it went to court
and the judge said in the united states ‘I do not have the power to talk about
microwaves in my court, it must go to the government scientists.’ and they sit
down and they say, ‘We say it is safe,’ Sunk! That is it!

John: ….well at the moment well personally I had a situation, where I was sitting
in my car, and all of a sudden the emergency light started to go on, then the
doors locked automatically without... out of my control, and the windows would
not work, I was effectively trapped in my car, and that’s a very frightening
Barrie: That’s common...

John: I went to the car dealership, and they said, ‘Well you were sitting under a
mast’, which brings me to the issue of the cars that are been recalled, Toyota has
had the problem, Renault recently, eh. accelerating and interference with the
computer components on the car, and there’s a chap called William H Bailey,
who’s termed a product defense consultant from a company called Exponent,
he’s very active at the moment in both Nevada and British Columbia, defending
first, Toyota cars and now he’s sitting as a witness in courts saying this
microwave technology is safe. How would you respond to what he’s doing and
his side?
Barrie: the microwaves in any context, micro waves are safe for cars or micro
waves are safe for people

John: No they’re safe, they present no problems,
Barrie: tooo…tooo

John: to automobiles or human beings……
Barry: He’s lying and he can take me to court if they wanted to. There is
proof ,absolute proof. I have, I think, six or seven high court judgments, 19 other
legal judgments, 14 epidemical logical studies, and I have statements from the
industries themselves, who did their own studies saying microwaves cause
cancer, and, in fact, in their latest high court judgment and this takes some
believing, and I had to read it twice...

John: In Britain?
Barrie: No, this is internationally … no you would never get microwaves in a
court in the U.K. In a case in, I think it was Italy, this was a summing up when
microwaves were found to cause cancer,

John: Was this the Cesano case?
Barrie: ..the brain tumour...I’m doing this off the top of my head from the figures
an the summing it was said, ‘If you use a cell phone for five to six hours over a
certain period of time, for ten to twelve years, you have a higher probability of
developing cancer’, more than the survivors in Hiroshima or Nagasaki who
survived the nuclear bomb. Now that is a statement,

John: That’s startling...
Barrie: Yeah yeah…. I think it’s five or six hours a day for 10 or 12 years, you
have more likelihood of developing cancer than the survivors of the atomic bomb
who got burnt and lived in the radiation. Now that is a statement.

John: That’s absolutely remarkable,
Barrie: There is absolute proof, military proof, and I have, because I had access
to them,

John: Okay...
Barrie: So I have governments’ documents that say microwaves cause (cancer),
and, in fact, the lower levels are more dangerous than higher levels...

John: So where does that leave the farmer with the mast a hundred metres from
his house?
Barrie: Probably in a lot of bother, because with industry who have, they’re
certainly the most powerful in the world, and a single farmer, it depends on the
government. Unless the government know the truth and very few do, they are
usually lied to..

John: But this product defense consultant, Mr. Bailey, is an adviser to the Irish
Barrie: Yes we have, I know in the U.K. we have, the government don’t know
anything about this, It what I call the ‘silly boy syndrome’. Look at the prime
minister, his deputy prime minister, and they’re really nothing more than boys that
have just left university. I call it the ‘silly boy syndrome’. They really don’t know
anything about the cold war, what on, or how it went on. They have advisers,
now we have 22 advisers in the government, they are paid by the industry, and
they are on their, let’s say personal honour, if there is a conflict of interest
between government and industry to make the right decision. Now we have, if I
can tell you what I think. Forty-five years ago, when I was questioning spies they
were important, but my main brief and I’ve said this many times round the world,
my main brief... They said, ‘What we want you to concentrate are two things,
corruption in the higher level of the English government and corruption in the
higher level of the London Metropolitan police, that was 45 years ago, with their
access to high expensive Mayfair clubs like the Playboy and…roll the clock
forward 45 years to now, go to any Sunday newspaper, you will find two area’s of
corruption under investigation, the higher echelons of the government, the higher
echelons of the London Metropolitan Police - nothing has changed in 45 years,
and I am ashamed but I am honest, I believe we have one of the, if not the most
corrupt governments in the world, and we have had since then………..for 45

John: and that’s a very political statement for a gentleman who isn’t political.
Barrie: Yes and it is and the more I deal with government people the more I
think you are just as corrupt as when I investigated you 45 years ago,

John: I’d like to get back to the distance Tetra travels and then microwaves
underground, because we have a massive cable here in north County Dublin, in
Rush, that is been installed for wind farms to take power from Ireland,
Barrie: Are you talking micro waves or?

John: I’m talking radiation from the cable,
Barrie: they’re….they’re not micro waves they’re what ever system you’re on 50
or 60 alternating hertz,

John: ….my point that.. eeh .. during tests, the radiation from the cable,
interfered with the microwave communications,
Barrie: Yes that’s a different thing…yes you’re absolutely right...

John so I’m suggesting that perhaps people are being irradiated from below
Barrie: And above...

John: Which brings us then to the issue of infra sound which is something else
Barrie: You’re absolutely correct, and there are three things here: the waves
from the cable, they can ionize dust in other words they can make polluted dust
particles in the air if you’re within about 500 metres, they will ionize the dust. In
other words if you are a child and you breath in the dust, instead of your body
being able to move out the dust via the cilia (the little hairs), the dust is ionizing
and sticks to the inside of the lung. So you can actually start developing lung
diseases, breathing problems.

John: so would that hold true for the Tetra signal and possibly the Garda
Barrie: Absolutely. That’s the first part with this oscillating cycle also between
nought and 600 cycles, there are known bodily interferences, depending on your
age or size so to do with that particular wave, so there will be that interaction.
Then it is known that these waves will piggy back with the microwaves. In fact
they deliberately put them together in some cases.

John: Are doing that with the Tetra signal by the way?
Barry: I don’t know. But they will. They can automatically piggy back so you end
up getting a double dose of both waves, and that can cause further harm.


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