Wie was de eerste persoon die leed onder Electrogevoeligheid? Nikola Tesla!

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Who was the first person to suffer from ElectroSensitivity?

(Met dank aan onze collega's van www.electrosensitivity.org)

It's believed that the first case was reported by the inventor,
physicist & mechanical engineer Nikola Tesla. .

Described by many as a 'genius', and recognized as one of the greatest technological scientists of all time, Tesla suffered late on in his life from a
very severe illness believed to be due to exposure to high levels of
electromagnetic fields throughout his life

The Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography of Tesla, written by his
close friend John O'Neill described his extreme sensitivities:

''To doctor's he appeared at death's door. The strange manifestations
he exhibited attracted the attention of a renowned physician, who
declared that medical science could do nothing to aid him. One of
the symptoms of the illness was an acute sensitivity of all the
sense-organs. His senses had always been extremely keen, but this
sensitivity was now so tremendously exaggerated that the effects
were a form of torture. The ticking of a watch three rooms away
sounded like the beat of hammers on an anvil. The vibration of
ordinary city traffic, when transmitted through a chair or bench,
pounded through his body. It was necessary to place the legs of his
bed on rubber pads to eliminate the vibrations. Ordinary speech
sounded like thunderous pandemonium. The slightest touch had the
mental effect of a tremendous blow. A beam of sunlight shining on
him produced the effect of an internal explosion. In the dark he
could sense an object at a distance of a dozen feet by a peculiar
creepy sensation in his forehead. His whole body was constantly
wracked by twitches and tremors. His pulse, he said, would vary from
a few feeble throbs per minute to more than a hundred and fifty.
Throughout this mysterious illness he was fighting with a powerful
desire to recover his normal condition. ''.

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