Britten vragen erkenning van EHS als handicap

zaterdag, 23 augustus 2008 - Categorie: Artikelen

Een groep elektromagnetisch overgevoeligen in Groot-Brittanni wil een petitie aanbieden aan de regering. De ondertekenaars van de petitie vragen erkenning van electrohypersensitivity (EHS) als een handicap. .

Government petition to recognise Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

This petition was instigated because electrosensitive people in the UK are finding increasingly that they have nowhere to go to escape the pain and debilitating symptoms of ES (electrosensitivity) and EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) - a more severe form of ES.

In 2008 upgrades, changes and/or new additions to 3G,TETRA, WiFi, radar, military equipment - and perhaps the introduction of 4G - has made life even more difficult for these people who have lost the quality of their lives as they used to be and often their Human Right to live in peace in their own homes.

As the WHO, government advisors etc dismiss ES/EHS on the grounds of lack of scientific evidence, these people are disbelieved by all authorities, to include most medical staff. They are therefore isolated from community and national help and ignored and/or degraded.

Many of these electrosensitive people cannot even go shopping, travel, enjoy leisure pursuits, go for walks, visit relatives in other areas etc. Family relationships can break down under the strain and because of the total denial of this condition by authority and society.

Many more and even younger people, to include students and children, are being sensitised by these technologies which are powered by pulsed microwave radiation. The toll on animal life is beyond belief.

We ES/EHS in the UK are calling for the right to have our lives back and for the inhumane treatment of us all to stop. Please sign the petition. .

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