A scientific study correlates an increase in brain tumors in South Korea with cell phone use

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A scientific study notices increase in brain tumors in South Korea and correlates it with cell phone use

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By : Phonegate Team • 26 Apr 2023

An epidemiological study has recently been carried out by researcher Jinyoung Moon*, with the aim of establishing a potential correlation between the exposure of the population to radiation emitted by mobile phones and the observed increase in certain types of brain tumors in South Korea. The results, published in early March 2023 in Environmental Research journal, confirm the international trend seen in other countries such as France, with a fourfold increase in 30 years in glioblastomas (the most serious cancers of the brain).

In order to estimate the impact of mobile phones in the occurrence of brain tumors, the South Korean scientist relied on the national mobile phone subscription rate, used as an approximation for the exposure assessment to electromagnetic waves. The researcher thus analyzed the incidence of certain tumors, both benign and malignant, by brain region and for the entire population of South Korea.

Brain tumors on the rise in South Korea
Data used in the study comes from statistics issued from the International Telecom Union (ITU), showing the evolution of the number of subscriptions taken out by the South Korean population – from 0 subscription per 100 people in 1991 to 57 subscriptions in 2000, then to 135 subscriptions in 2019. Regarding the incidence of tumours, the statistics come from the Central Registery of the National Cancer Center in South Korea. The study focuses on three different types of benign tumors (D32, D33 and D32.0 according to the ICD-10 International Classification), as well as three different types of malignant tumors (C71.0, C71.1, C71.2 ), increasing in the country between 1999 and 2018, as reported in the table below, taken from the publication.

A proven correlation between exposure to waves and the incidence of brain tumors
Results published show high correlation coefficients between exposure to mobile phone radiation and incidence of brain cancers, measured at 0.75, 0.85 and 0.84, depending on the regions of the brain involved. Indeed, the closer the coefficient is to 1, the stronger the correlation. In addition, the study also revealed that the increase in benign brain tumors could also be linked to exposure to waves from our smartphones.

See further the link at the top and the original paper:
The relationship between radiofrequency-electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and brain tumor: The brain tumor incidence trends in South Korea

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