Who is entitled to interpret the risks of mobile phone radiation?

zaterdag, 04 maart 2023 - Categorie: Artikelen

About campaigns of an industrial cartel, Federal Office for Radiation Protection and ICNIRP

Source: www.diagnose-funk.org/aktuelles/artikel-archiv/detail&newsid=1951

In 2022, there were four media campaigns in Germany with the message: mobile phone radiation is no health risk for children and adults. diagnose:funk proves in this ‘Brennpunkt’ (Focus) that the population was disinformed with these campaigns and reveals the tactics of manipulation.

Whether or not mobile phone radiation is harmful to health is not only the subject of a debate about the results of research. It is also a debate about product marketing, in this case the multi-billion-dollar business of a key industry. The `Brennpunkt´ on the sovereignty of interpretation of the risks of mobile phone radiation documents in five analyses how research results are manipulated for product marketing and instrumentalised for the disinformation of the population:

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