PHONEGATE: Overexposed and deceived-What the cell phone industry doesn't want you to know

woensdag, 12 oktober 2022 - Categorie: Artikelen

Marc Arazi (Author), Regan Kramer (Translator), Devra Davis
2022, paperback (new book)

They’ve been lying to you for years: YOUR CELL PHONE IS DANGEROUS!

Over 5 billion of us use cell phones that we generally keep very close – from a very young age. But the companies that manufacture our precious smartphones have knowingly exposed us to radio-wave radiation well beyond safety standards. To make matters worse, some of them have even embedded software that rigs test results – just like Dieselgate.
This scandal has a name: PHONEGATE.

In 2016, Dr. Marc Arazi obtained proof that enabled him to denounce this fraud. With the help of brave men and women the world over – doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, friends and devoted volunteers from all walks of life — he has been fighting to bring the truth to light ever since. In 2018, the NGO Phonegate Alert was founded to support them in that task.

The issue gained attention in the US after articles published in the Chicago Tribune in 2019 by journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Sam Roe. As a result, the first class action suits were launched in America and Canada against Apple and Samsung.

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