Emotional and behavioural problems – could your wireless device be a trigger?

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Source: Lyn McLean, EMR Australia, www.emraustralia.com.au
September 2022

Depression, anxiety, irritability, inattention, stress – are these problems that you or someone close to you experiences?

Did you know that wireless devices could be contributing to these and other emotional and behavioural problems, too?

Studies have shown that wireless radiation can have harmful effects on the brain and nervous system. It’s been found to affect neurotransmitters that are involved in psychiatric disorders, stress, attention/concentration, irritability, sleep, mood, regulating emotion and depression.

Children exposed to mobile phone radiation seem to have more than their fair share of behaviour problems. A Korean study found that children who made the most calls on their mobile phones or who spent the most time playing games on their mobile phones had more chance of developing ADHD. A Danish study found that children whose mothers used mobile phones before and after giving birth were 50 percent more likely to have behavioural problems. Even mice exposed to mobile phone radiation developed behaviours consistent with hyperactivity.

Interestingly, one Sydney High School reported that, after it banned students’ use of mobile phones at schools, teachers observed ‘a dramatic decrease in behavioural issues, and a boost in physical activity.’

It’s not just mobile phones that are causing these problems. So is heavy use of the internet. Research has shown that internet addiction is related to depression, anxiety, impulsivity and reduced psychological wellbeing. Moreover, it’s been shown to cause structural changes in the brain in areas responsible for behaviour, personality and regulating emotions.

Dr Nick Kardaras, author of Glow Kids: how screen addiction is hijacking our kids – and how to break the trance says that using wireless devices at school can interfere with kids’ ability to pay attention and cause a host of other problems. And Professor David Levy of the University of Washington refers to the ‘popcorn brain’ to describe a brain so used to stimulation that it can no longer function at a normal pace.

Emotional and behavioural problems can cause enormous stress in families. Reducing triggers such as wireless radiation and wireless device use is important for overcoming the problem and creating a healthy emotional life.

You can hear me talk about emotional and behavioural problems and wireless radiation in an interview with Kerre Burley here. Kerre is CEO of The Goulding Process and teaches families tools for overcoming dysfunctional behaviours.


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