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Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. habil. Karl Hecht is the author of the book: Health-damaging effects of smartphones, radar, 5G and WLAN / Gesundheits-schädigende Effekte von Smartphone, Radar, 5G und WLAN – Free download – Language: German – Published: 2019

He speaks about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation in: Interview with Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht / Video / Voice over: English

Who is Karl Hecht?
Here follows a by Multerland edited Google translation of the German Wikipedia page about Karl Hecht, because the English Wikipedia page does not exist.

Karl Hecht (born February 15, 1924 in Wohlmirstedt) is a German physiologist and space doctor. He is professor emeritus for experimental and clinical pathological physiology at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Charité). He lives in Berlin.

Education and first functions
– Karl Hecht studied human medicine at the Berlin Charité from 1950 to 1955 and received his doctorate in 1956. His habilitation on the chronobiological topic took place in 1970. Hecht was appointed full professor in the Physiology Section at the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin which in the 1972 Academy Reform was renamed the Academy of Sciences of the GDR German Democratic Republic. In 1977 he was appointed professor of physiology at the Charité of the Humboldt University in Berlin. After the German reunification of East with West Germany, in 1991, he retired.

Focus research – Hecht’s research areas were and are neurophysiology, chronobiology, chronomedicine, emotional stress and health, sleep disorders, space medicine and space biology. Together with the group of the Berlin pharmacologist Peter Oehme, the relationships of the neuropeptide substance P to stress and adaptation were examined and a general model of the effect of regulatory peptides was developed.

From 1972 to 1990, Hecht was coordinator of chronobiology and chronomedicine of the aerospace medicine and biological working group in the Interkosmos Program of the socialist countries and in 1988 he founded the directorate of the Institute for Pathophysiology of the Charité at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Personal scientific opinion – For a long time, Karl Hecht has been of the opinion that there must be limits to human technologization. In particular, he warns against the merging of the advancing technical possibilities with the neurological systems of humans. For example, he rejects the implantation of chips in the brain with which emotions and actions can be alienated. He is referring to an experiment by the Spanish researcher José Delgado, which has become well-known worldwide, and that made it possible to transform the aggressiveness of a lead monkey into gentleness by implanting a chip. Much later, a robot (named Justin) was also used in the ISS, which Alexander Gerst used to conduct telerobotics experiments that did not work as planned. This served as another striking example for Karl Hecht that self-learning electronic systems should not be directly connected to humans. Above all, the long-term consequences have to be researched much more closely, and he also includes in that also the Cochlea implants. Furthermore, he also refuses to take medication for himself, as it represents a chemical intervention in the biological system of a human being. As an alternative, Hecht relies on minerals and vitamins, which have also helped him in difficult situations. And he looks at the environment’s better use of natural opportunities like forest bathingtaking in the forest atmosphere and propagates those insights. Japanese researchers, for example, came to the conclusion that this can prevent cancer and strengthen the cardiovascular system.1

Memberships (selection)
Karl Hecht is a member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, the International Academy of Astronautics, Paris, and has been a leader in numerous scientific and medical organizations, especially in the former GDR.

Publications (selection)
He has published over 750 original scientific papers on his research results in national and international journals and anthologies, as well as 34 scientific reference and non-fiction books and registered 27 patents.2

Book / Health-damaging effects of smartphones, radar, 5G and WLAN / Gesundheits-schädigende Effekte von Smartphone, Radar, 5G und WLAN – Free download – Language: German
Author: Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. habil. Karl Hecht Published: 2019

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