A new form of environmental pollution: wireless and non-ionizing EMF

zaterdag, 28 mei 2022 - Categorie: Artikelen

Source: envirn.org/e-textbook/
April 2022

- Catherine Dodd, PhD, RN, FAAN Environmental Health Consultant, former Chief District of Staff Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Deputy Chief of Staff for Health and Human Services to San Francisco Mayor (now CA Governor Newsom), former Director Region IX USDHHS under President Clinton.
- Theodora Scarato, MSW Executive DirectorEnvironmental Health Trust

pp. 136-153 in:
Environmental Health in Nursing, 2nd Edition
Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, www.envirn.org/

A very nice survey, well written and with extended references to scientific publications, see the link on top.

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