Massachusets Medical Association adopts resolution on wireless safety standards reevaluation

woensdag, 16 maart 2022 - Categorie: Artikelen

March 5, 2022

Dr. Lisa Nagy MD introduced the Resolution: Wireless Communications Public Safety Standards Reevaluation and following testimony by Dr. Cindy Russell, who helped the California Medical Association pass the first Wireless Resolution, and Dr. David Carpenter, advisor to the World Health Organization, the Massachusetts Medical Association voted to adopt a resolution in December 2021. The text of the final adopted resolution is as follows:

That the Massachusetts Medical Society adopt in lieu of Resolution I-20 A-106 the 16 following:

That the Massachusetts Medical Society supports continuing research, including quality epidemiologic studies, by appropriate agencies and entities to produce evidence-based data on the effect(s) of radio frequency radiation on human health. If indicated, study findings should be used to revise and update public health standards for safe limits of human exposure to radio frequency radiation. (HP)

The California Medical Association Resolution reads

“That California Medical Association supports efforts to reevaluate microwave safety exposure levels associated with wireless communication devices, including consideration of adverse non-thermal biologic and health effects from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation used in wireless communications; and be it further resolved that California Medical Association support efforts to implement new safety exposure limits for wireless devices to levels that do not cause human or environmental harm based on scientific research.”

The Santa Clara California Medical Association presented the California Medical Association Resolutions in a 2015 Article on Wireless and Children

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