Autonomously driving vehicles

vrijdag, 11 juni 2021 - Categorie: Artikelen

A reader of StopUMTS did send me the following mail. I reproduced it below because the mentioned potential health hazards must be taken seriously.

In 2019 the European Comissión published a 75-page report about autonomously driving vehicles. Among the many issues mentioned I see absolutely no comment about the potential health hazards from the laser and radar beams that these vehicles require for their functioning. (passive artificial intelligence processing of the cameras images is not yet performant enough and they need the active sensors). The European Comission and the car manufacturers seem to have no concerns about the pedestrians or bikers that will be microwaved, and no concerns either about what the electric, magnetic and EM fields generated by the engine and the car electronics might do to the occupants of the vehicle. There seems to be already quite some vehicles around, obviously the expensive ones, which incorporate an automatic pilot with a substantial degrees of autonomy working by means of radars. For the moment the amount of these irradiating vehicles must be quite limited but their prices will soon go down and they will start to proliferate in our roads and streets.

This is published by the Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System, which are promoting at all speed the connectivity and modernization of the transport system in Europe. .


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