Electromagnetic fields and other environmental stressors all disrupt homeostasis in the same way

maandag, 22 maart 2021 - Categorie: Artikelen

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21 maart 2021

Hugo Schooneveld

People with a hypersensitivity to certain environmental factors (''stressors'') will suffer from artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF), smells from synthetic compounds, low-frequency sounds and ultraviolet light. Their stress system is activated, leading on the short term to sleep disruption and other stress related symptoms. On the longer term, chronic fatigue and a variety of medical ailments may follow. Stress development thus seems to be a 2-step process, whereby individuals show a variation of complaints, depending on their genetic make-up, earlier experiences and resilience. The cure is to eliminate or avoid the stressors, preferably in the first phase of stress. Early stress symptoms show relatively little variation. In later phases, complaints and diseases vary wildly and some of them require medical attention. It seems that at later stages, homeostasis is seriously
disturbed. then. The removal of stressor may help no longer because the disease has taken over control.

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