New Studies Link Cell Phones to Breast and Thyroid Cancer Risk

woensdag, 16 december 2020 - Categorie: Artikelen

15 dec. 2020

Los ANGELES -- Two new studies link the risk of breast and thyroid cancer to the use of mobile devices.

One study from Taiwan
concluded radiofrequency radiation exposure significantly increased the risk of breast cancer, especially in women 50 and older who use cell phones and laptop computers. Orange County breast cancer surgeon Dr. John West said he's not surprised because he's treated multiple teen girls who developed breast cancer after constantly tucking a smart phone into their bras.

''And in the one very spectacular case, this unusual pattern of non-invasive breast cancer, almost in the shape of the cell phone,'' West said.

West said he's also seen a similar case in a man who kept his phone in his breast pocket. And he said men who carry it in their front pants pocket can develop temporary infertility.

The Federal Communications Commission and the cell phone industry say their testing indicates radiation is minimal and cell phones are safe.

A second study out of Sweden
links cell-phone use to increasing rates of thyroid cancer in Nordic countries. West said he thinks the government and the mobile industry are ignoring the science.

''It's just so frustrating that nobody is listening,'' he said. ''I worry about the women and the men who are unaware of just how risky this behavior could be.''

Hidden deep within most cell-phone manuals, you'll find guidance that recommends storing phones away from your body.

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