Radio Frequency Radiation (EMF) Threatens Plant and Animal Species with Extinction

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11 juni 2019

“Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming.”

But in a recent BBC article, they basically did just that: completely ignored the ridiculously large volume of evidence, which any ‘respectable’ news outlet should know exists and which if reviewed, reveals the major cause of the rapid decline of biodiversity, and the potential soon-to-come total destruction of all life on Earth:

“The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental evidence of damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals, and epidemiological evidence that the major diseases of modern civilization—cancer, heart disease and diabetes—are in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution, forms a literature base of well over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies.

“If the telecommunications industry’s plans for 5G come to fruition, no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to levels of RF radiation that are tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today, without any possibility of escape anywhere on the planet. These 5G plans threaten to provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans and permanent damage to all of the Earth’s ecosystems.”

“Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is abundant evidence of harm to diverse plant- and wildlife and laboratory animals, including: Ants, Birds, Forests, Frogs, Fruit flies, Honey bees, Insects, Mammals, Mice, Plants, Rats, Trees.

“Negative microbiological effects have also been recorded… Effects in children include autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and asthma.“. – The International Appeal ‘Stop 5G on Earth and in Space’

“Microwave weapons expert, Barrie Trower, warns that within 3 generations only 1 in 8 children will be born healthy; and within 5 generations animals and insects will be wiped out.” – Julian Rose, “Synthetic Electric Shock”

Former UN staff editor, and co-author of The International Appeal ‘Stop 5G on Earth and in Space’, Claire Edwards, writes:

“Along with birds and insects, children are the most vulnerable to 5G depredation because of their little bodies.”

And in a recent Anti-5G rally speech in Stockholm, Edwards stated:

“It’s interesting to note that in the last 20 years we have lost 80% of our insects. And if we get 5G, we’re going to lose 100% of our insects. When the insects go, we go too.”

Our beloved house pets have also been forced to absorb our electro pollutions. B.N. Frank, writes how “… exposure can cause various health problems in animals – including cancer. If your pets become sick, many vets will not take exposure to any of these sources into consideration when diagnosing and treating them. Even if you address your concerns about exposure, they may still discount research that has already proven harm.”

Hope S. Good details 22 common illnesses from which electro-smog and RF are harming our fur-babies.

The known effects continue to be evidenced, as seen in field tests this past year in The Netherlands, where dairy farmers in Stitswerd-Groningen witnessed the extreme effects 5G is creating in livestock:

“… Several hundreds of cows from the 5 dairy farmers simultaneously started running riot without a clear cause… their behavior really looked like agony, so it was not just a moment of frustration for the cows, it was really a life or death situation… the most logical conclusion is that the panic attacks are caused by the recent testing of 5G Wi-Fi in the North of Groningen, exactly where Stitswerd is located!”

“The phenomenon has occurred since last fall. “Suddenly you see that they jump and start running at the same time,” says dairy farmer Jan Oudman. “As they do, the walls of the stable are almost out. They sweat from the unrest. It’s really anxiety.” – RTVNoord, “Wat mankeert de koeien?”

“… at The Hague, many birds died spontaneously, falling dead in a park. You likely haven’t heard a lot about this because it is being kept quiet. However, when about 150 more suddenly died – bringing the death toll to 297 – people started to notice.

“And if you are looking around that park you see what stands on the corner of the roof across the street from where they died: a new 5G mast, where they had done a test, in connection with the Dutch railway station, to see how large the range was and what environmental impact would occur on and around the station.

“If they all got heart-failure despite having healthy bodies, no signs of any virus, no bacterial infection, healthy blood, no poisons found etc. etc, then the only reasonable explanation is that it is from the new 5G Microwaves interfering with all the birds hearts! … The 5G mast heavily resonates with certain ERRATIC PULSED Microwaves (millions per second!) which can be proven to have biological effects on organs!” –Erin Elizabeth, “Unexplained Mass Bird Deaths During Dutch 5G Experiment”

Scientific Reports

“Published peer reviewed science already indicates that the current wireless technologies of 2G, 3G and 4G – in use today with our cell phones, computers and wearable tech – creates (create) radiofrequency exposures which poses (pose) a serious health risk to humans, animals and the environment. – Scientific Research on 5G, 4G Small Cells, Wireless Radiation and Health

“Future wavelengths of the electromagnetic fields used for the wireless telecommunication systems will decrease and become comparable to the body size of insects and therefore, the absorption of RF-EMFs in insects is expected to increase.” – Exposure of Insects to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields from 2 to 120 GHz

“The authors of the EKLIPSE review conclude that there is “an urgent need to strengthen the scientific basis of the knowledge on EMR and their potential impacts on wildlife. In particular, there is a need to base future research on sound, high-quality, replicable experiments so that credible, transparent and easily accessible evidence can inform society and policy-makers to make decisions and frame their policies.”

“The increase of electromagnetic radiation and its potential effects on wildlife has recently been identified by an international expert group led by Professor Bill Sutherland of Cambridge University as one of the fifteen emerging issues that could affect global biodiversity, but that are not yet well recognised by the scientific community. – (Sutherland, 2018).

“‘We apply limits to all types of pollution to protect the habitability of our environment, but as yet, even in Europe, the safe limits of electromagnetic radiation have not been determined, let alone applied. This is a classic case of out of sight out of mind, just because humans cannot see electromagnetic radiation this does not mean that animals cannot ‘see’ the pollution or be significantly impacted at a neural or cellular level. A proper research programme and clear policy measures are long overdue”. Said Buglife CEO Matt Shardlow.” –Buglife

Alsfonso Balmori asserts,

“Studies have shown effects in both animals and plants. Two thirds of the studies reported ecological effects. There is little research in this area and further research is needed. The technology must be safe. Controls should be introduced to mitigate the possible effects… Despite the widespread use of wireless telephone networksaround the world, authorities and researchers have paid little attention to the potential harmful effects of mobile phone radiation on wildlife. This paper briefly reviews the available scientific information on this topic and recommends further studies and specific lines of research to confirm or refute the experimental results to date. Controls must be introduced and technology rendered safe for the environment, particularly, threatened species.” –Electrosmog and species conservation

“…Ferdinand Ruzicka, scientist and beekeeper himself, reports: “I observed a pronounced restlessness in my bee colonies (initially about 40) and a greatly increased urge to swarm. As a frame-hive beekeeper, I use a so-called high floor, the bees did not build their combs in this space in the manner prescribed by the frames, but in random fashion. In the summer, bee colonies collapsed without obvious cause. In the winter, I observed that the bees went foraging despite snow and temperatures below zero and died of cold next to the hive. Colonies that exhibited this behaviour collapsed, even though they were strong, healthy colonies with active queens before winter. They were provided with adequate additional food and the available pollen was more than adequate in autumn. The problems only materialised from the time that several transmitters were erected in the immediate vicinity of my beehives” (RUZICKA, 2003).” –“BEES, BIRDS AND MANKIND”, Ulrich Dr. Warnke

further published (peer-reviewed) studies on Bee Colony Collapse (BCC):

Margaritis LH, Manta AK, Kokkaliaris KD, et al. Drosophila oogenesis as a bio-marker responding to EMF sources. Electromagn Biol Med. 2014;33(3):165-189. doi: 10.3109/15368378.2013.800102.

Kumar NR, Sangwan S, Badotra P. Exposure to cell phone radiations produces biochemical changes in worker honey bees. Toxicol Int. 2011;18(1): 70-72.

“Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’: Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review.”

“Warning of ”ecological Armageddon” after dramatic plunge in insect numbers: Three-quarters of flying insects in nature reserves across Germany have vanished in 25 years, with serious implications for all life on Earth, scientists say.” –Damian Carrington


Ignoring electromagnetic radiation pollution allows corporate agendas to manifest through NGO’s “suggestions” toward global policy makers. C02 produced “climate change”, originally heralded as “global warming”, is provably caused by intentional climate manipulation.

“All available evidence (including 750 page senate documents, presidential reports, and climate engineering patents) indicate global geoengineering/solar radiation management programs were first deployed at a significant scale in the mid 1940‘s.” –Dane Wigington

There are scores of independent scientists who have put their names and careers on the line in appeal petitions, countering the ‘science’ of the IPCC climate model used by the UN and proliferated throughout environmental groups, educational institutions, national governments and NGO agendas.

Dr. Tim Ball displays the contrived sleight of hand which created the C02 premise, and points squarely at the UN’s IPCC as the culprit. He does it so convincingly that he was sued by three interested parties, and eventually won the 6 year-long defamation lawsuit in just a three week trial.

One final and unprovable personal observation I’d like to note: approximately 5 months ago, there suddenly appeared a new thick, solid-metal cell tower not 100 yards from my home, in a wooded suburb of the provincial capital city. This new monstrosity is itself not 100 yards from an already long-existing taller and more traditionally seen cell tower. Shortly after noticing the new tower, perhaps another month later, there appeared a new third tower, opposite the taller original, again not 100 yards from it.

So, these three now stand in a row, exceptionally close to residences, schools, sports fields, and a small tree-laden nature area, complete with its own tiny deer herd, jack rabbits, field rabbits, owls, hawks, musk rats, and assorted water fowl. Except the water fowl are mysteriously missing. We have ponds and canal banks all through the area, which in prior years were chock-full of ducks and geese and swans. But they’re not to be found since last summer sometime. I’ve lived here for 15 years, and am an avid lover of nature and critters, so I search as I walk. But they’re simply not in any of their normal places. I’ve seen a few here and there, but there are dozens suddenly missing.

The seriousness of these issues are becoming unavoidably visible and real. We’re all busy with our lives, but it behoves us to look around and take note, and then act. Do a bit of outside the box research; talk to neighbours and city council member; write emails to commissioners and mayors, asking uncomfortably assertive questions, because if we do nothing, EVERYTHING will change.

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