EHS --- Electrosmog 5G and electrosensitivity risks and possible solutions - Dr. Olle Johansson

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28 mei 2019
His talk begins about 3 minutes in -- in English with Italian subtitles.

From a portion of Dr. Johansson's talk (his spoken words and transcription of his Powerpoint):

''Adverse health effects of artificial electromagnetic fields, such as form cell phones and WiFi routers, and the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity, Milano, Italy, March 30, 2019'' Lecture by Olle Johansson, PhD.

Classification of EHS

Functional impairment electrohypersensitivity

*fully recognized in Sweden, since 2000 (not regarded as a disease)

* symptoms are classified as occupationally-related symptoms-based diagnosis (code ICD-10) by the Nordic Council of Ministers since 2000.

*EHS people have their own handicap organization. The Swedish Association for Electrohypersensitive.

*This org is included in the Swedish Disability Federation (HSO).

* They receive quite a lot of money per year.

*Swedish municipalities follow the UN 22 Standard Rules on the equalization of opportunities for poeple with disabilities;

* since 2007 upgraded into ''The UN Convention on Human Rights for Persons with Functional Impairments''.

I started with this kind of work in 1979.

In the year 2000 alot of things changed with the recognition.
And in case you wonder, Italy has also cosigned these treaties.

People with the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity are entitled to have an equal life in a society based on equality. One of the most important principles to achieve this is the one about complete accessability.

In Sweden impairments are viewed from the point of the environment. No human being is in itself impaired, there are instead shortcomings in the environment that cause the impairment. Then, it is the environment that should be ''treated''. (This view can fully be motivated in relation to the Swedish Action Plan for Persons with Impairments - they should be turned from patients to citizens. (1999/2000)
This implies that the person with electrohypersensitivity should have the opportunity to live and work in an electrosensitized environment. To force a person to quit one's employment or to move from one's home is a serious legal violation. The same goes for children - you are not allowed to discriminate them from their educational rights. Never!

So, in essence, persons with the functional impairment electrohypersensitiviy shall just enjoy their Human Rights, nothing less!

So they should have access to the whole of society and nothing less!

Or do you not agree? Just think for a moment, if your loved ones have EHS, what would you then want from your country?

''Do not ask what you can do for your country, ask instead what your country can must do for you.''

So what can we now learn from science?

In the 1980's we were able to prove that people with EHS had an increased number of mast cells in their skin. They contain histamine and heparine and when released you get the classical allergic asthmatic or oversensitive reaction. that also led us to use skin biopsies from healthy ... students then we took these students and placed them in front of ordinary household computers and televisions at 40 cm distance with from their back. Then we asked the students if they felt anything. No one reported any such subjective reactions. But after two hours from same person dramatic increase in the mast cells. This is interesting because you get the same increase if you allow yourself to be subjected to uranium, plutonium, radium, or xrays. The only difference is that with plutonium and xrays it takes a short time but it took a shorter time with weaker exposure here, two hours, from the television sets. This is a classical image of the radiation damage. You know, in Sweden, when we started to work with this, medical doctors tried to explain people with EHS by saying that they had a low education or were post-menopausal women, or that they had a high education ... or that it was a matter of imagination.

The interesting thing was that these medical doctors had never met anyone which they talked about but they were still experts on this, as we say in Sweden. Finally it was conceived that this was probably a mass media-driven psychosis when tv newspapers have articles about EHS then people say oh, I am probably a little bit EHS myself.
Such ideas are very easy to study but no one wanted to do so except for me. You use rats. Rats don't read newspapers, don't listen to radio, they don't watch tv and still they get the same reactions in their skin as these people did.

You know sometimes I have to confess - and now I talk about my Swedish colleagues, not my Italian colleagues - and I have felt for many years that they are ruthless, criminal, stupid b'ds. That they don't care at all about people and their health and they have prejudices that are dangerous to society.

I should now give you quickly a few examples and you know that in the scientific literature we don't have an exact number but we know that we have between 25 (thousand) and up to 250,000 relevant publications that are already there, and I will show a few of them. (35:49)

.... (to be further transcribed and continued)

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