Ultrasound Pregnancy Risks – Latest Research About The Dangers

woensdag, 22 mei 2019 - Categorie: Artikelen

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21 mei 2019

by Lloyd Burrell

For the past several decades, parents have been repeatedly told that prenatal ultrasound is “just sound waves” and therefore, “perfectly safe” for use during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers have been encouraged (and even pressured) by their care providers to undergo multiple ultrasound scans, as well as repeated exposure to Doppler fetal heart monitors, which are also ultrasound-based.
Many babies born today have been exposed to ultrasound numerous times, with some sources saying that a woman with a normal, low-risk pregnancy can be exposed to as many as 10-17 scans per pregnancy.

Moreover, some mothers and babies have been exposed to ultrasonic fetal heart monitoring for hours or even days during hospital birth, yet this type of extended exposure has been documented to cause fetal death and ultrasound is being repeatedly linked to fetal demise.

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