Philips Airfryer entangled in controversy over 'serious' electromagnetic waves

maandag, 20 mei 2019 - Categorie: Artikelen

20 mei 2019

The status of Philips, the ''original company'' of airfryer, is faltering. A recent experiment showed that the electromagnetic waves emitted by a famous airfryer reached 40 times that of a regular microwave.

And it was confirmed that the relevant airfryer was made by Philips, causing consumers to fear growing anxiety, according to the OOnews report.

In particular, the controversy over the safety of Philips airfryer is expected to intensify as electromagnetic waves are known to damage the central nervous system and the retina of the eyes.

If the number is above a certain level, it is also known to increase the occurrence rate of childhood cancer and leukemia.
According to Channel A on May 14, testers put food in Philips airfryer and started cooking at 180 degrees. The electromagnetic wave levels gradually went up and soared up to 300 μT, and the final reading was 564.1 μT. The microwave oven usually carries 14.7 μT to 32.6 μT, so it measures up to 40 times more electromagnetic waves.

Studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) show that even 0.3 μT of electromagnetic waves force increases the occurrence rate of childhood cancer and leukemia.

On the controversy, meanwhile, Philips said to some media, ''There were problems in measuring the electromagnetic waves.''

De vraag is op welke afstand van de airfryer gemeten is en hoe snel het AC magneetveld afneemt met de afstand tot deze droge hete-lucht friteuze

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