Eye Damage in the Microwave Age

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Never before in human history has such a threat against human eyesight been unleashed as today in the Microwave Age. Three decades ago the FCC approved the first commercial mobile phones used by few. Today wireless antenna radiation has become inescapable for most people, including fetuses and infants. Myriad microwave frequencies, with the same deadly potential as ionizing radiation, savage the environment and slam through everyone's eye tissues as induced currents. Healthy human eyes and enduring clarity of eyesight is a blessing of the long-gone past.

Epidemiological studies of people living close to cell tower antennas document widespread complaints about eye and vision abnormalities (Santini 2002/ Oberfeld 2004/ Bortkiewicz 2004). Many radiation victims damaged by cell phones, Wi-Fi antennas and smart meters complain of the same. The documented pathological effects on human eyes from RF/microwave radiation include: eye inflammation and redness, pain or burning in the eyes, a feeling of pressure behind the eyes, floaters, cataracts, deteriorating vision -- including macular degeneration-- and eye cancers.

Buildings, vehicles and aircraft saturated with RF/microwave radiation are exceptionally hazardous to human eyes. As with UV sun damage, microwave eye damage may become obvious only months or years after the damage has been inflicted, leaving the vision-impaired with no proof as to the origin of their disabilities, pain and economic hardship. Meantime, wireless radiation profiteers are not, by law, liable for universal eye damage and incremental loss of eyesight induced by their toxic wireless products and services.


7. In a study of children with chronic fatigue, Japanese researcher Dr. Ryoichi Ogawa discovered that only 30 seconds of cell phone radiation transmitted into the ear cuts blood flow in arteries of the eye by over 50 percent. Using the super Doppler method, a test that verifies blockage of brain blood vessels, Dr. Owaga found that prior to cell phone use, human subjects generally show a normal blood flow of 10 cm/sec. in the arteries of both eyes; after phone use, the flow dropped to less than 5 cm/sec. (25)

8. Studies conducted at the University of Essen in Germany showed that the iris and the base of the retina also efficiently absorb cell phone radiation. The retina is home to the macula, vital to clear vision. Damage to the retina can cause extreme vision damage, such as that involved in macular degeneration. (26)

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