The rapid rise of Autism and other Physical Disorders and Diseases

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and the role of Vaccines, Glyphosate and Electromagnetic Fields

by Leendert Vriens

The number of children diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is increasing rapidly all over the world (Ref. 1). Along with South Korea and Hong Kong, the USA is in the lead in having the largest percentage of autistic children. Since most data on this topic are available from the USA (Refs 2-4), these will be used in this note to illustrate the increase and to describe the main causes suggested in literature: vaccines, glyphosate and electromagnetic fields from wireless communication. In most papers one of these is considered to be the only or most important one responsible for the rapid increase of ASD. I discuss here the possibility that their combination might be most important. One combination will be that the electromagnetic fields make the blood-brain barrier permeable to toxic substances such as the aluminum in vaccines and glyphosate. In order to extrapolate to the future I made a mathematical fit to the ASD data. The extrapolation suggests that - provided the present trend continues - 1 in 20 children will be autistic in the USA in 2022, 1 in 10 in 2028 and 1 in 5 in 2034. The uncertainty in these numbers will obviously increase with time. The rise of autism is also only one of the problems caused by these environmental factors. Other physical disorders and diseases, also with rapidly increasing numbers, are discussed briefly.

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Original version: May 7, 2018
with a new appendix: January 25, 2019

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29 aug. 2019
Autism Spin Versus Autism Trends: Rising Prevalence in Black and Hispanic Children
3 jan. 2020
Connecticut: “The Growing Needs of Students”
J.B. Handley
20 juni 2020
a new book

Here’s the jaw-dropping fact revealed by the sped head:
‘Since 2013, the number of students with autism spectrum disorder has increased by 36.6%.’
THERE WAS NOT ONE WORD TO EXPLAIN THIS NIGHTMARE INCREASE or why they expect it to keep growing.

The 2020 ADDM Report on U.S. Autism Prevalence: Three Reasons Why The Popular Narrative Was Misleading
21 april 2020

Prenatal Ultrasound—Not So Sound After All
20 aug. 2019
with also a link to the possible relation of prenatal ultrasound and the rapid rise of the number of children diagnosed with ASD.
In 1976 there were already doubts about the safety of prenatal ultrasound:

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Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Mawson Homeschooled Study Reveals Who is Sicker
20 nov. 2017

It’s never been done before.The first-of-its-kind study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated American homeschooled children shows who is really ailing…and parents should be worried

Something is wrong with America’s children. They are sick – allergic, asthmatic, anxious, autoimmune, autistic, hyperactive, distracted and learning disabled. Thirty-two million American children – a full 43% of them – suffer from at least one of 20 chronic illnesses not including obesity. Across the board, once rare pediatric disorders from autism and ADD to Type 1 diabetes and Tourette’s syndrome are soaring, though few studies pool the data. Compared to their parents, children today are four times more likely to have a chronic illness. And while their grandparents might never have swallowed a pill as children, the current generation of kids is a pharmaceutical sales rep’s dream come true: More than one million American children under five years old takes a psychiatric drug. More than 8.3 million kids under 17 have consumed psychiatric drugs, and in any given month one in four is taking at least one prescription drug for something.

Fast food, bad genes, too much TV, video games, pesticides, plastics – name the environmental factor and it has been implicated in the surge of sickness, although none adequately explains the scale or scope of the epidemic. There is one exposure, however, that has evaded the search, despite that children have received it by direct injection in steadily accumulating doses far beyond anything past generations ever saw: 50 doses of 14 vaccines by age six, 69 doses of 16 pharmaceutical vaccines containing powerfully immune-altering ingredients by age 18.

We’re assured vaccines are “safe and effective” even though public health officials acknowledge they sometimes have serious side-effects including death and despite the troubling fact that no long-term study of their effects on overall health has ever been conducted. Remarkably, not a single published study has ever compared vaccinated kids to unvaccinated kids to see who is healthier years after the shots. Until now.

A pilot study of 666 homeschooled six to 12-year-olds from four American states published on April 27th in the Journal of Translational Sciences, compared 261 unvaccinated children with 405 partially or fully vaccinated children, and assessed their overall health based on their mothers' reports of vaccinations and physician-diagnosed illnesses. What it found about increases in immune-mediated diseases like allergies and neurodevelopmental diseases including autism, should make all parents think twice before they ever vaccinate again:

*Vaccinated children were over four-fold more likely to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (OR 4.3)
*Vaccinated children were 30-fold more likely to be diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) than non-vaccinated children
* Vaccinated children were 22-fold more likely to require an allergy medication than unvaccinated children
*Vaccinated children were over five-fold more likely to be diagnosed with a learning disability than unvaccinated children (OR 5.2)
*Vaccinated children were 340 percent more likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder than unvaccinated children (OR 4.3)
* Vaccinated children were 5.9-fold more likely to have been diagnosed with pneumonia than unvaccinated children
*Vaccinated children were 3.8-fold more likely to be diagnosed with middle ear infection (otitis media) than unvaccinated children (OR 3.8)
*Vaccinated children were 700 percent more likely to have had surgery to insert ear drainage tubes than unvaccinated children (OR 8.1)
* Vaccinated children were 2.4-fold more likely to have been diagnosed with any chronic illness than unvaccinated children.

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van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Autisme, waarin staat: ''Ruim 1% van de Nederlanders – ongeveer 190.000 mensen - heeft een vorm van autisme. '' een zorgwekkend aantal, nog niet zo groot als in de USA.
Aluminium in brain tissue in autism

Vaccine Boom, Population Bust: Study Queries the Link Between HPV Vaccine and Soaring Infertility
29 nov. 2018

Flu Shots During Pregnancy Failed to Lower the Risk of Fetal Death, Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight
6 aug. 2019

Another paper in which glyphosate, EMF and vaccines are mentioned along one another in relation to falling fertility rates, obesity-related fertility challenges in women, disrupt uterine development, congenital abnormalities and miscarriages, impacts on the male reproductive system, decreased probability of conception,... :
U.S. Births Are at Record-Low Levels—Why Aren’t We Asking Why?
July 31, 2019

A new paper:
An aluminium adjuvant in a vaccine is an acute exposure to aluminium

Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology
Volume 57, January 2020, Pages 57-59
Christopher Exley

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and from October 2021

and from June 2023 .

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