Report on National Toxicology Program Study (Firstenberg reports)

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19 april

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In deze rapporten een gedegen overzicht van de NTP Study met veel commentaar.

De conclusies:

Rapport 1:

Considering the fact that half the rats in the NTP study died of things like kidney failure before
the end of the study and that so many of them were in poor physical shape, it is hard to believe
that all their blood work was normal. Since the averaging of data always loses the details and
hides the truth, I reserve judgment until I can look at the hematology data for the individual
animals. That data has not yet been released by the NIH.

Rapport 2:

My conclusion from the NTP studies is that RF radiation causes a lot of both malignant and
benign tumors at every exposure level. The assumption that there is a dose response, i.e. higher
power levels cause more cancer, is proven wrong.
The assumption that wireless technology can be made safe by reducing the power is proven

Arthur Firstenberg
April 20, 2018

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