Is wireless technology driving chronic infections, like candida, fungus, SIBO, IBS and Lyme disease?

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aug. 2017

Infections kill millions of people every year. Chronic infections, however, are widespread and most health professionals agree that everyone has them. Most if not all autoimmune diseases have a chronic infection as a root underlying cause (see Pubmed). It has now been demonstrated in multiple studies that pathogens are affected by wireless communication systems and other types of electromagnetic radiation.

Bacteria exposed to mobile phone and Wi-Fi radiation become resistant to antibiotics.
The overuse of antibiotics is definitely a factor as well. The study linked above shows that changing the electromagnetic environment is ALSO a primary contributor to antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Wireless technologies also cause the proliferation and multiplication of fungi, yeast, viruses, and mold.
(see, Pubmed and another abstract on Pubmed)

Dr. Klinghardt, a holistic German trained medical doctor who practices in Seattle, is a world renown expert on chronic infections including chronic Lyme Disease. His clinical experience with patients demonstrates that he has witnessed the impact of EMF stressors on his patients who struggle with chronic infections:

“I personally suspect that the exposure to electromagnetic fields in the home and the microwaves from cell phone radiation are driving the virulence of many of the microbes that are naturally in us, and makes them aggressive and illness producing. Shielding patients from EMFs has been a more successful strategy to treating Lyme disease and to get people neurologically well than any of the antibiotics or any of the antimicrobial compounds.”

~Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD

Biotoxins cause the offending symptoms of infectious disease

It’s not just humans that are inundated with these foreign man-made frequencies that are affecting our organs and tissues biologically. Microbes inside of us perceive them as an attack and are releasing biotoxins as a defense mechanism.

We know that pathogens themselves are not what make people ill besides using up nutrients. It is the biotoxins that the microbes create that cause the offending symptoms of infectious disease (acute or chronic). Biotoxins drive inflammation in the circulatory system. They stress the liver. When the liver is stressed it is unable to clear as many toxins or produce healthy bile to help digest fats because digestion is a parasympathetic (rest and digest) process as opposed to sympathetic (fight or flight). When fats are undigested you not only develop a deficiency of fatty acids but the large globules also stress the fragile intestinal villi which can contribute to intestinal permeability (also known as “leaky gut“). When the gut is “leaky” that means any microbes or biotoxins in the gut can make their way into the bloodstream and be a primary cause of chronic infection anywhere in the body.

When it comes to Biotoxins and EMF, could it be true that:

. as our electromagnetic environment changed that our micro-biome just didn’t accept it?
. Could it be that instead, an immune defense was mounted because of biotoxins being released, which then would lead to a poor environment for a community of beneficial microbes to live in?
. Could it be that infections already present, were made worse by these frequencies also instigating biotoxin defense mechanism release from opportunistic viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites?

How important does this make addressing your home EMF environment
where you sleep for 1/3 of your day and 1/3 of your life?

In my wellness practice I have witnessed incredible and drastic improvements the same week that shielding is put in place. The painful digestive symptoms subside. Probiotics begin to work the way they should. Energy levels return. People even get off coffee without even trying. Every protocol seems to work better. The improvements have exponential holding power. Nutritional supplementation and even some prescriptions (with the help of their supportive doctors) can be reduced or eliminated.

I seek to have the highest integrity in my wellness practice. One way I do that, is by being up front with people about all of this. I believe that shielding from man-made radiation like this should be a FIRST step. Not something you should do down the road.

Why should shielding against radiation be the first step in working to recover good health?

It’s because your body needs a stress-free environment to repair and rejuvenate at night. The tissues and structures of the body cannot recover adequately during sleep if there are constant electric fields and voltage going through the nervous system stimulating a cortisol response. Cortisol is antagonistic to the detoxifying and tissue repairing sleep hormone, melatonin. When cortisol is high, melatonin is low and vice versa.

The radio frequencies from cell towers and Wi-Fi disrupts melatonin production just as artificial light does (see: ).
Magnetic fields and geopathic stress distort the movement of metals in the body (see: ).
It doesn’t take much magnetism to move a tiny particle of metal at a receptor site of a tiny cell. It actually has a drastic affect on the way each cell functions. Add to this the evidence that the microbes and pathogens inside of us view this radiation as stressors and mount a massive defense against our immune system because of it.

Shielding a bedroom against RF gives the immune system the home court advantage

The human body never had this type of exposure for most of human history. Microbes and pathogens were not exposed to these frequencies either. Shielding bedrooms from the 4 primary exposures from high frequency, low frequency magnetic, low frequency electric, and geopathic stress gives our immune systems the home court advantage. In a sense we are returning to the environment of our ancestors and aiding our immune systems in functioning the way that they were always meant to function when fighting these pathogens.

If you are interested in a Home Health Assessment and would like me or another consultant to come and evaluate your home or office space please don’t hesitate to contact us. Many of us travel quite a bit and you might just catch us while we are in town.

We only put in solutions that are proven to work in accordance with our experiences at Geovital’s 35 year running Naturopathic and Environmental Medicine Clinic and in our own experience as health and wellness practitioners who work with people in improving their health.

I’d be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have. Feel free to leave a comment or question below.

Brian Hoyer, NTP, GG

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