Health Effects of Microwave Radio Exposures

woensdag, 14 juni 2000 - Categorie: Artikelen


Een interessante verzameling van onderzoeken betreffende de gezondheidsklachten van mensen wonend nabij zendmasten

The current FCC Limits for Microwave RF Exposure were published in 1999.
These guidelines are only designed to protect the public against the thermal effects of microwave RF.
The FCC has explicitly stated that they do not make any regulations or assurances whatsoever regarding the
“nonthermal” biological effects of lower level microwave RF exposures (other physiologic effect besides heat damage).
Many statements from industry spokesmen state that “not enough is known” about these exposures to identify risk,
or that there is “insufficient” or “incomplete” evidence regarding such risks, or that there is “no scientific consensus”
on this risk.
This implies that there isn’t much scientific information on this subject. But actually, there is a great deal of research
documenting adverse biological effects from low level RF exposures.

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