Dirty Electricity — Stealth Trigger of Disease Epidemics and Lowered Life Expectancy

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28 mei 2017

Story at-a-glance -

. Many diseases of civilization, especially cancer, are related to an artifact of electricity: electromagnetic
interference (EMI) or “dirty electricity.” Historical data also suggests electrification has lowered
life expectancy

. EMI is biologically active and affects mitochondrial function, which we’ve now come to appreciate is at
the heart of virtually all chronic disease

. Cancers appear to be frequency-specific, meaning certain frequencies cause specific cancers. Male
breast cancer is a sentinel for EMI exposure

By Dr. Mercola

Did you know that a significant percentage of the diseases we now face is related to an artifact of
electricity? In this interview, Dr. Sam Milham, author of ”Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the
Diseases of Civilization,” explains the health hazards of dirty electricity or electromagnetic interference

Milham is a physician and an epidemiologist, and has spent decades (he’s now 85 years old) doing
pioneering research in this field. In his book, he details the extensive journey he took to uncover the
link between dirty electricity and human disease. In a nutshell, dirty electricity, or more accurately stated,
EMI, impacts your biology, specifically your mitochondrial function, which we’ve now come to appreciate
is at the heart of virtually all chronic disease.

What Is Dirty Electricity?
Sunlight is a natural or native form of electromagnetic frequency (EMF). There are also four basic
non-native or artificial EMF exposures: magnetic, artificial light, electrical and microwave (which includes
not only your microwave oven but also cellphones, routers and portable phones).

Dirty electricity refers to the electrical component of this EMF spectrum. A more precise term is
electromagnetic interference or EMI. “Dirty” is more of a descriptive layman’s term. But what exactly
is EMI and how is it generated? Milham explains:

“The electric grid began with Edison in 1892 at the Pearl Street Generating Station. It turns out that
from the very second he started generating electricity, he was making dirty electricity. The way I know
that is because if you read his publications, he had a big problem with his original generators … They
had brush arcing. The way they made electricity was by spinning magnets that had brushes to pick up
their contact points.

All electric motors have brushes. Generators have them. They’re made out of graphite … Arcing and
sparking makes dirty electricity, which are really high-frequency electric transients. They come
and go. They’re spikey. They have very short latency times.

From the outset of the grid, we’ve been exposed to this. It’s not the 60-cycle stuff. We’re talking about
frequencies up in the kilohertz and higher; thousands of cycles per second.”

EMI Microwaves Travel Far and Wide

There are also microwaves, and this is not just your microwave oven, but your portable phone, cellphone
and cellphone towers.

“All transmitters, AM, frequency modulation (FM) and especially cell towers produce microwaves. Your
cellphone works because there’s a transmitter out there that transmits to you. They all run on DC.

Every cell tower in the world has a huge inverter in it to make the DC to run the transmitter, and also to
charge the backup batteries. They make dirty electricity by the ton. Lots of schools have cell towers
on campus. What they’re doing is they’re bathing the kids with EMI.

It gets back into the wires; the ground (lot)wires and power wires that service it. The grid becomes an
antenna for all this dirty electricity. It extends miles downstream … A Brazilian study looked at deaths
from cancer and distance of residence from the base of the cell tower.

They got effects out to 500 meters. That’s 1,500 feet. I’ll tell you, the cell tower can’t talk that far. It’s the
dirty electricity — the EMI in the grid, in the wires running into your house, through the ground and
through your power cords — that’s doing it.”

Dirty Electricity Is Biologically Active

A classic example of EMI is AM radio wave transmission interruption, as demonstrated in Milham’s
video above. But why exactly should we be concerned about EMI in our homes?

“Over the 50 years I’ve been doing this, it’s become super clear that EMI or dirty electricity is very
biologically active. I wrote the book to warn the population because nobody seemed to pay attention
to it. This is the major cause of all the so-called diseases of civilization,”
1 Milham says.

I myself am becoming quite passionate about this issue. I’ve known about dirty electricity or EMI for
nearly two decades, but I never fully appreciated the impact it has until I read Milham’s book. Then,
the connections suddenly became apparent to me.

For the last year, I’ve been diving deep into the scientific literature of mitochondrial function,
and it appears this is how EMI affects your health. In other words, it likely increases mitochondrial
free radical damage and contributes to mitochondrial dysfunction. Certainly, other variables contribute
to disease as well, such as the processing of food, unbalanced nutrient ratios, pesticide contamination
and so on. Still, the impact of EMI may be foolhardy to overlook.

All Solar Panels Generate Dirty Electricity


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