Piloten ziek door het ‘aerotoxisch syndroom’ of door elektromagnetische velden?

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april 2017

Hugo Schooneveld


Een hoog percentage van piloten en het cabinepersoneel lijdt aan een overgevoeligheid voor een
of meer chemische of fysische factoren in de omgeving. Men vermoedt dat die veroorzaakt wordt door
vooral verontreiniging van de lucht met een organisch fosfaat (tricresylfosfaat), afkomstig uit het
motorcompartiment. De aandoening ‘aerotoxisch syndroom’ gaat gepaard met persoonsgebonden specifieke
lichamelijke en psychische klachten (1). Misschien is hier sprake van een misdiagnose, omdat een
vrijwel identieke bundeling van somatisch onverklaarde lichamelijke klachten (‘SOLK’) ook wordt veroorzaakt
door elektromagnetische velden (EMV) of andere omgevingsfactoren. Omdat er in vliegtuigen vele soorten
EMV voorkomen, ligt het voor de hand na te gaan in hoeverre deze andere factoren ook een ziekmakend zijn.

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Aviation Health & Safety in the Digital Age Radio-frequency (RF) Exposure from Mobile Devices and In flight WiFi
A New Human Factor?

We are an international group of experts inaviation, medicine, science and engineering. We are raising
several key questions as there is evidenceof adverse effects on human health and performance from
exposure to electro-magnetic radiation, especially radio-frequency/microwave radiation from mobile
communication technology. The evidence indicates that adverse effects can occur at levels well below
existing safety standards. So the position that the “low level” exposures from WiFi and mobile phones
are within government standards (based only on thermal levels) does not dismiss the evidence of
biological damage that occurs with non-thermal exposure.There is some good evidence for harm; there
does not seem to be conclusive evidence for safety, and there are potential adverse outcomes with
wireless technology that have not been thoroughly investigated. We urge you to require proper testing on
flight crews before implementation. Adverse effects can include cardiac symptoms, or a sudden
neurological event that could compromise brain function, mental stability and cognitive abilities, even in
an otherwise healthy individual with no previous medical history. Even without in flight WiFi, pilots’ exposure
is increasing from security screening (often with ionizing X-ray technology), the proliferation of WiFi, and the
universal use of increasingly powerful mobile phones and WiFi devices. Our technical experts caution
that effects are magnified in the confined metal space of the fuselage. Our medical experts warn of
potential cognitive and cardiac impairment, making this a crucial issue in transportation, especially
aviation. Sufficient research was not conducted before the global implementation of
WiFi-enabled aircraft. Yes, WiFi is everywhere and there are economic benefits and wide consumer
appeal, but should this innovation be allowed when there are health and safety concerns? May we ask to
review any testing reports investigating the effects on human health and performance? And have the
in flight RF levels in WiFi-enabled aircraft been measured?We request that our experts’ comments be taken
into consideration and that your experts consider a risk assessment of what could happen in a worst-case
scenario – cognitive impairment and/or cardiac dysfunction of the pilot, for example. And after reviewing
our statements, can they rule out these potential health and safety outcomes?May we ask if youhave
considered who will be monitoring accumulated exposures, as well as monitoring usage of mobile
devices in flight?Is anyone monitoring WiFi-enabled aircraft to track the flight crew and passengers for
potentially related occurrences/symptoms in flight? Are your aviation medical experts up to date with this
issue, and the emerging medical condition electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), or microwave sickness syndrome,
and its symptoms and adverse effects?

met daarna nog een lijst 'statements' van specialisten in dit gebied.

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