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dinsdag, 14 maart 2017 - Categorie: Artikelen

As a follow-up to my previous mailing, please, see this excerpts from a lovely e-mail letter I received today from a Finnish father of two girls, 6 and 8 years of age (I have translated it to English; any language mistakes are only mine):

Dear Dr. Olle Johansson,

You may remember that I, several years ago - by mistake - phoned you (in your home) from Tokyo, in the middle of the Swedish night; you very willingly took the call and insisted on that it was not a nuisance at all for you or your wife. We talked for nearly three hours, it practically ruined me, but it was so worth it. Being electrohypersensitive and multiply chemically sensitive, I was not used to such kindness as yours, and since then I have been very impressed of what you have tried to do.

My wife and I now have two children, two perfectly healthy girls, 6 and 8 years of age; maybe I have told you about them before? However, being EHS/MCS and a father makes you very observant on what is going on in the world when it comes to health protection, especially regarding children, as you may imagine.


I recently have read that ''...a bill to ban phones in schools was introduced in France in 2009. Bans came into effect in places like Nigeria in 2012, around the time that teachers in the Solomon Islands called for phones to be banned in their schools. Uganda banned phones in schools in 2013, one year after Malaysia reaffirmed its own similar ban. And it's not only been in schools where young people have been prohibited from using their phones over the years. In one prefecture in Japan in 2014 children were not allowed to use phones after 9 pm, not long after Belgium banned the sales and advertising of phones to children under seven. Earlier last year (2015), bans on student use of phones inside and outside of schools were considered in Indonesia''.

And now I also read from your recent hand-out that ''the children in Cyprus and in Maryland are to be congratulated as well''. If you ask me, I say that all these bans speak a clear message: children in the above countries are more important than profit, greed and so-called ''development''.


Dat van Nigeria, de Solomon eilanden en Uganda was nieuw voor me, kan iemand de links daarnaar vinden?

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