How To Remove Dirty Electricity With A DNA Line Filter

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7 febr. 2017

Here is a guest post from Wanda Greaves on Dirty Electricity:

Dirty electricity is something that everyone should try to avoid. The term dirty electricity refers to a form of kind of electrical pollution that can now be found in many homes.

In fact it can be found on the electrical wiring of most homes. Dirty electricity can sometimes enter the household from the local electricity supply, but it can also be created by the use of certain electrical appliances in the home.

The question that I would like to answer here is how to remove dirty electricity. But in order to do that, we first need to know how this electrical pollution is being produced.

How Is Dirty Electricity Created ?

The voltage of the supply that comes into your home (if you live in North America) is 120 Volts of alternating current (AC) at 60 cycles per second, or 60 Hz. But there are certain appliances, which come with built in circuit boards that do not operate at the usual 120 volts. They operate at lower voltages. These might include your television set, cell phone charger, computer and the likes. These appliances are equipped with a device which brings the voltage down to the required value as well as a rectifier to change the current from AC to DC.

For instance, in the case of your laptop charger, the 120-volt voltage is often converted into 19-volt range. This voltage may be brought down to even lower values in the range of 4-6 volts for other appliances as and when required.

This operation used to be effected by running the electricity through lots of coils wound around an iron core, commonly called a transformer.

More recently these classic transformers have been replaced by switch mode power supply (SMPS) devices. The big advantage is there size. Because they are so small they can be placed inside a computer monitor or somewhere in the television. They may be inserted into the device in smaller avatars in the form of ‘wall warts.’ In the case of lighting, compact florescent lighting (CFLs) for instance these switch mode power supply devices are placed in the form of chips inside the electric bulb to modify the voltage.

When the switch mode power supplies change the voltage of the input, they are also converting the same from AC to DC. This, in turn, distorts the otherwise smooth 60 Hz AC sine wave.

This is where the real problem crops up because although SMPSs are less bulky than classic transformers and more efficient in terms of energy consumption. But this efficiency comes at a price.

These SMPS cause harmonics and transients, otherwise known as dirty electricity. These harmonics and transients radiate out from the circuits within your walls and can create electrical pollution throughout your home. This can create a huge problem for many people. Studies link these exposures to many diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity.

How To Remove Dirty Electricity ?

The first thing is to determine if your home has dirty electricity. One indication is the production of a nagging sound in large speakers and the likes. Another way of measuring dirty electricity is to use an AM radio. The easiest and most inexpensive way is with a GS meter. Which you simply plug into your wall socket. Read this article for a more detailed explanation on measuring dirty electricity.

There are a number of ways in which you can remove dirty electricity. The first and the most effective way would be to get rid of the appliances that create this pollution. For instance, the use of dimmer switches should be avoided at all costs. In place of these, you should use conventional on/off switches. Also eliminating CFLs, certain LEDs and unplugging as many electrical devices such as TVs, computers, printers, WiFi routers and modems etc. when you are not using them will significantly reduce electrical pollution

DE Filter For Removal Of Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity can also be reduced with the help of filters. The DE filter is one of the most popular choices for the purpose. This can significantly decrease the levels of dirty electricity in the same circuit.

All you have to do is plug in the DE filter and turn on the device. Ideally, it should be placed as close to the DE producing device as possible. Once you measure it, you will see that the DE has gone down by quite an amount. If there is DE from the solar panels and electrical supply, you can place the filter in close proximity to the fuse box or the meter box for best results.

DNA Filter For Removal Of Dirty Electricity

Another exciting option in this regard is the use of DNA line filters that can also help you in your quest to reduce dirty electricity. DNA here stands for Dissipative Noise Attenuation. These are particularly useful for tackling the electrical pollution that arises from inverters, which can create considerable levels of dirty electricity. These devices are mainly used in the alternate power systems including the likes of photovoltaic arrays and windmills.

A DNA product is different from any other filtering product in the basic principle itself.

The main advantage of using a DNA filter is that once the dirty electricity has been removed, it can never get back to being pollution again. How does that happen? What this filter does is simply convert all the pollution into heat from the circuits. In technical terms, it captures the dirty electricity and dissipates it, meaning it converts it into heat which is given out from the filter. Once the heat has been formed, it cannot get back to being dirty electricity again.

Another major point of difference between the DNA filters and the other comparable products is that these filters work in parallel with the load they are removing the dirty electricity from. Once plugged into the AC line, the filters simply attract all the dirty electricity of the AC line into its own line and filter it. So there is no separate installation or management of the filter required.

There are different versions of the DNA line filter for dirty electricity. The big advantage is that they offer a significant reduction in dirty electricity. This is a very safe option that can get rid of the whole concept of electrical pollution. The best part is that these DNA line filters come with a self-protecting mechanism for best results.

Author Bio: Wanda Greaves is the co-founder of – a website that helps people to find, use and do anything with their batteries, chargers or related electricity devices.

My View

The absolute best way of dealing with dirty electricity is to remove the device/devices that are causing it.
Where this is not possible and your DE levels are high then you are best advised to use some form of filter.

The most popular solution is to use a capacitor filter like the Graham Stetzer filter. It’s relatively in-expensive and easy to install. For many people this is an ideal solution.

But there are cases where people have an adverse reaction to these filters. In which case the DNA line filter is well worth looking into. It needs to be installed by a qualified electrician.

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