Secondhand RF Radiation on a Train

vrijdag, 21 oktober 2016 - Categorie: Artikelen

20 okt. 2016

The ambient RF microwave radiation exposure for all passengers inside a train carriage can reach high levels. For users on a train who are putting the devices next to their heads or on their bodies, those levels are even higher.

Display is in milliwatts per meter squared -- mW/m². On this measurement device, a level of 0.100 would be consider safe.)

More information about this issue:

Studies show damage to cells and physiology at there nonthermal levels -- much more should be done to study the long-term effects on humans.

Measured on a train in the UK, August 2016.

Uit het filmpje blijkt dat de stralingsniveaus oplopen tot boven de 100.000 microWatt/m², extreem hoog

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