Fibromyalgia and EMFs - the uncanny similarities

maandag, 20 juni 2016 - Categorie: Artikelen

Bron: e-mail Loyd Burrell van
20 juni 2016

What’s the link between fibromyalgia and EMFs?

Is there a link?

Let’s just look at the symptoms of fibromyalgia compared to electrical sensitivity. There are some uncanny similarities:
concentration and memory problems
muscle and joint pain
chronic fatigue
brain fog
digestive problems
compromised immune system
What if EMFs were the cause of fibromyalgia? I’m not saying they are the sole and unique cause, but a causative factor certainly.

What’s clear is that EMFs impact our immune system. The studies clearly point to this.
It’s not such a big stretch of the imagination to see that these exposures can lead to immune deficiency diseases like fibromyalgia.

Het vervolg van de mail gaat over de aankondiging van een lezing, maar de bovenstaande mogelijke verbanden zijn interessant genoeg om te vermelden.

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