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Latest iPhones Have Almost SIX TIMES More Cancer-Causing Radiation Than Competing Brands    
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Latest iPhones Have Almost SIX TIMES More Cancer-Causing Radiation Than Competing Brands
woensdag, 24 februari 2016 - Dossier: Algemeen

23 febr. 2016

Update: I have an iPhone and people asked me what I use. After (who are super skeptical) admitted that the PONG case (you can click to buy- not my product) appeared to work – I’ve used them ever since. And only…use..speaker

If you haven’t already purchased Apple’s iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, perhaps read this and then decide if bigger is indeed, better. Only recently, with the addition of the two larger phones, has Apple begun to catch up to Android in terms of size. However, while Samsung keeps their SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) rates lower than that of Apple, the difference could do you serious harm. The FCC’s legal limit is 1.6 watts per kilogram but Apple’s levels are only .01 under this.

From the article on Health Freedoms, “For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-920V made for Verizon has an FCC measured SAR of only 0.21 W/kg (watts per kilogram), while an Apple iPhone 6 exposes a user’s head to a whopping 1.18 W/kg.” I’m guessing many people would have wanted to know that before they made their purchase. Are we going to see a rise in cancer rates among Apple 6 users? I certainly hope not.

Sadly, Steve Jobs, and now the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, hold the same position on cell phone radiation- not interested. A company called Tawkon developed an app that would measure the amount of radiation coming from your iPhone but Mr. Jobs wasn’t even interested in having the app available on Apple’s app store. Apple wants their consumers to see the new phone as a health ally, not what could actually be their highest radiation emitting cell phone to date.

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., of the School of Public Health, at the University of California, Berkeley, says that the minimum distance between you and your iPhone should be two-tenths of an inch (that’s 5 millimeters). MINIMUM. If it’s closer to your body than that, you could exceed the FCC’s safe levels of microwave radiation absorption. To lower exposure even more, turn off anything you aren’t using on the phone and use airplane mode when you can. But then you don’t really have a phone, do you? And if this IS your phone…what then?

“The Specific Absorption Rate (without bluetooth and wifi turned on) when measured at the head — both Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have an SAR rating of 1.18 W/kg. The SAR level for an iPhone 6 positioned 5mm from the body is 1.18 W/kg and 1.19 W/kg for the iPhone 6 Plus. Moskowitz says, ‘To ensure that the cell phone does not exceed the legal limit, consumers should never keep their cell phone in their pockets or next to their skin. The cell phone is not tested directly against the body because most cell phones would fail the SAR test as the radiation absorption increases dramatically when the cell phone is close to the body.’”

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